How to copy Twillight 39 b



If troubles copying it, i already have treyed the tlcopier( works like shit!!)
but it didn’t work .

So Help me!

If tryed anything.



I’ve used Cdrwin 3.7e (to image and record!), but I must say that the one I had as original was a copy!
Good Luck!


Hmz i have a copy of it,

AND an IDE burner. SO cdrwin doesn’t work for me

Do you know if nero 4.** is good for burning a twillight?


Hi there,

Yes NERO is VERY GOOD for burning TL cd’s.

Start Nero, insert the “original” TL in your
drive, select IMAGE COPY, uncheck the
disc-at-once option and click COPY CD. An
image will first be created on your HD and
that image will be burned on your cd.

Should work fine, does for me anyway,

Problems ?

mail me at:


Tha Sentinel


Well, I have a IDE burner. IS that making any diference?

With my normal write program(write2cd or something…) It has some read errors.

But afcource I have nero 4.0 because its on Twillight 39 b

TnX !



No the fact that you have an IDE burner
doesn’t make any diffirence at all.

Just use NERO to create an image and every
thing will work just fine, unless there’s
an error on the “original” cd. :slight_smile:

Feel free to mail me if you experience any
more problems with cd copying or something


Tha Sentinel