How to copy TW41 & 42



I tried Tlcopier but it was only good up to TW40. Can I use Nero and 80Minc cdr and do a cd-cd copying?

Thanks for your helps.


You can try it, but it is better to copy them from an image file with nero


yup i read image then burned , OK for disk A
I did a search on the old posts and someone say that you can paste the contents of disk B using explorer then burn the data so I did. And to save a 80mins cdr I left out the RogueSpear.rar and burn on a 74mins cdr instead. But the TL Menu95 won’t read the disc, so I have to use a 80mins cdr to burn disk B. Anyway thanks for the reply.


What you have to try is to make an image file as said above but you also have to set the writingspeed on 1 or 2 speed because TL’s sometimes have unreadable files on the cd.
Try this and use a good program like: