How to copy to pal system

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i have just installed the demo anydvd program. i have the Count of monte cristo dvd decrypted to my hard drive. the selected region for anydvd with this movie is region 5.

how do i copy [first shrink and then burn] a pal version of the movie when i bought the movie in the USA [region 1]. how can i tell if the movie files are now region 5. anydvd is set to overcome the region block.

thanks to anyone that can help. :bow:


AnyDVD removes the region code from the movie. When you burn it to a disk or to your hard drive the movie will play in any country. :bigsmile:

I think the only bit of software that will easily convert from NTSC (USA) to PAL is DVDSanta - I have never done this myself!! It should be noted that a lot of standalone European DVD players and TVโ€™s will play NTSC format, so you might not need to convert anyway.

Generally conversion does not give good results and is not worth the effort. The advice by abrown15 to get a standalone player that will play the desired format is the best. A quick search on the internet for โ€˜pal ntsc dvd playerโ€™ gives many inexpensive players that will play both formats and are region free.