How to copy this movie?

hi there,
I got a cd from one of my friend containing some movie
my friend was playing the movie on a PS2 and it worked fine,
when I tried to coopy it on my computer, I couldn’t I just saw the cd blank
as if ther’s nothing on it
How is it?
I don’t thnik this kind of protection cause the cd I got is alreday copied
it’s a 700 CD-R
when I try nero it tells me that the session is mode 2 disc and RAW System file
actually I don’t understand all this, So can anyone tell me how to copy data inside this cd?
thanks in advance

What movie would that be?

it’s a foreign film, the problem is not the film the problem is how to copy such thing

All I know about it that it’s a mode 2 disc and on ps2 it works wirh a program called ps2 reality

waiting for help

Try Dvddecrypter in ISO read mode.