How to copy The Sopranos

Anyone know how to get 1click to copy a Sopranos disc. I can only get it to copy the first show on the disc. It will not copy any of the others on the disc. As there are three or four shows on each disc and 1 click is only copying one of them and not even recognizing the others. I have tried several times with no success. Any help out there. I have Nero also so I could try that but then what about the problem with encryp. etc. Help please. Thanks.
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Click on options and then select Extras and Episodes. You need to do that everytime 1Click does not automatically detect that you are copying an episodic disk. Some versions of 1Click are better at detecting episodic disks than others. Which version are you running?

You need a decrypter no matter what program you use. Use AnyDVD free trial form Slysoft, 21 days.

I have version 4.2 It has a selection under options for include extras. Is this what to select? There is also one for include subtitles. Which one or do I include both.

Doesn’t it say Extras or Episodes? That’s the only thing you want to check, unless you need the subtitles for some reason. The more things you check the higher the compression will be. What Alan said about encryption is quite right. 1Click does not decrypt, you need either DVD43 or AnyDVD running in the background.

I have the DVD43 but no it does not say episodes. It has a block to check for extras. I guess I will try that and see if this works. Thanks for all of the help.

I have attached a screen shot of the 1Click options interface. It has said Extras or Episodes for as long as I can remember. Do you not see this when you go into options?

It only says Extras. It does not have the or Episodes. If I had saw that to begin with I would have known to select it to copy them. Since it did not appear I did not know to select this option. I have tried this option and it has worked. I guess that the or Episodes got left off somehow. Anyway it worked so I am really thankful for all of your help. Thanks again. I really appreciate it.

Your Version of 1Click must be very old .
Click on the “?” in Options and tell us which version it is .

The Current Version of 1ClickDVDCopy is


My version is 4.2 I guess it is old, but why buy a newer one when this one works.

You are 100% right, if this version is working for you, use it and be happy. But if and when you start to have problems with new protections then update. The choice is surely yours.

I can understand that; but you haven’t helped the mystery on why you do not see “Extras or Episodes”, but only “Extras.” Every version of 4.2.x.x I ever saw showed “Extras and Episodes.”

Only 18 months old :eek: Released (May 11/05)

* Improved reading of DVDs - no more false detection of encrypted discs.
* Improved playback of movies with menus, extras, or episodes.
* File caching on all disc to disc (exact copies) to eliminate burn underrun.
* Improved burning engine and CopyToDVD version 3.0.54
* Improved accuracy of compression estimate at startup.
* Improved device detection - USB drives being unplugged for example.
* Added a settings log file to improve support: "1click.log"
* Added an alternate burn engine (enabled on request) for cases where default engine fails.
* Added VSO online DVD media statistics to gather data to improve burn engine (option to disable available at time of install or later).
* Minor change to GUI - "Include Extras" is now called "Episodes or Extras".

Thanks, Alex. Just proves once again that my memory is the second shortest thing I have.