How to copy stand alone discs?

ok two questions, I have some dvds that were created on a standalone dvd burner, nothing I have can seem to copy them, I have dvd decrypter and everyone says all the great things this does. I can get it to dump PART of these dvds to my hd, I can even watch the parts it will dump, there seems to be no way to tell nero that the SOURCE is a directory on the hard drive. I keep wanting to put in the source window c:/dvdshrink in an effort to tell it that I want it to burn those files in that directory to the dvd in my burner drive which is E: dvd shrink seems to be able to tell nero to do that, why cant I tell it to do it. DVD decrypter will dump the files to the HD (it doesnt seem to be all of them, because when I click the file, a part in the middle of the dvd plays, and it doesnt start were the orig dvd starts) How can I get these discs backed up? Isnt there a way I can tell DVD encrypter to dump the whole DVD to a directory in my hard drivethen tell it to back it up to the disc in my burner? when I just try Nero or shrink by itself I am getting "invalid dvd structure errors and I have read that its because stand alones have a different format than DVD burned on comps and store bought dvds. by the way the original dvd plays fine in my stand alone and my comp, it just wont let me back it up. there muct be a way??? BTW there is no copy protection on these discs as they are not copyrighted material, and the source discs are dvd5’s so no need for compression, anyone out there that can tell me what to do?

A few questions. What DVD recorder did you use? What is the file extension of your files? Are you using Decrypter in file mode to copy the whole DVD? Have you tried using DVDShrink to read the original DVD? I haven’t used it this way but it should copy from the disc and copy to the HD and then burn (assumed you have Nero)?

Have you used DVDDcrypter and Shrink to copy a pressed DVD with no problems?

I have a sony rebadged liteon 1653s, which is labled Sony 710 dru, I have the Nero version that comes bundled with it. the root directory of the original dvd has two directories in it, one says AUDIO_TS the other says VIDEO_TS. the audio ts diretory appears to have nothing in it when you click on it, the video one has these files in it: Video_ts.bup,VTS_01_0 (two different sizes, but same name) then VTS_01_1 up to five (meaning replace the one at the end of that last one with a 2. 3. 4. 5, Nero says they are all "showtime files. there is also a vts_01_0.bup file too the rest dont seem to have extensions. I have the last DVDXCopy, it wont touch it, Nero wont touch it and I am not sure I am using dvd decrypter they right way. I have been spoiled because all the disks I have had to backup shrink has done just fine, or Nero by itself worked on some of the DVD5’s I have backed up. this Board is so much better than others I have seen, it has been very helpfull with my problems so far, bTW I love dvd shrink why isnt that going to be updated anymore???

Oh I almost forgot, I have not used DVDDcrpter before to copy a dvd all I have been able to do so far is get it to dump the dvd to my hard drive, I know I sound stupid, but I was used to using shrink and then sometimes nero by itself when shrinking and macro wasnt needed or present

Your Sony is your writer; I was asking about your standalone recorder. Everything you describe about the nature of the files looks fine. The only reason I can see that these file won’t work is that one or more are corrupt in some way. You should try again to use Dycrypter first to copy the files again tot he HD and then point Shrink to the directory and see what happens.

sorry my bad, I dont own the stand alone recorder, its a long story but I dont have accsess to it. I just know from my other discs when you get the “invalid disk structure” error it usually means its a standalone disc, I have two dvd-r’s that the volume name is phillips_VR and they have the same problem, I read on anther board that it means a stand alone sources disc, however none of those pages revealed if there is a way to copy those discs.

ok, dvddcrypter keep showing this big list of files its extracting from the disc and I can see then as long as I am looking through dvd dcrpter, but as soon as I tell shrink to “open files” there are no files for it to see, I even went through that thing where DVDD created those lovely ISO files that make it seem like something is happening, but then I go to that directory through shrink OR windows and all those things I saw arent there, whats going on? I dont get it.

I finally hit a button saw a screen in dvdd that I had never seen before and it burnt the disc!!! now If I can only remember how I did it. LOL