How to copy Splinter Cell?


Im in the UK

I just tried to copy it using Clone CD and my old profile that I used for UT2003 (using Clonyxxl), it installed with no problems (on minimum settings), but everytime I go to play it a screen loads then I get one of the windows screens saying “SplinterCell.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close”, is this a common problem? anyway of resolving it?


What burner do you have? The steps you need to take will vary based upon this information.

Also, Unreal Tournament 2003 cannot be backed up with CloneCD…without Twinpeak. Regardless, UT2K3 is protected by SecuROM 4.8x, and Splinter Cell is Safedisc 2.8

Let us know what burner you have, and we’ll be able to help you further. :slight_smile:


Ooops, I forgot that

Its a Liteon 40125W

And yep thats correct bout UT2003 I had to patch it then burn the CD. I used the clonyxxl settings which I think included a 10X burn but its probably going to be different as you said :slight_smile: .


To have the correct settings to backup the game just use the Safedisc 2 profile (no AWS) from here

Read your image and then write it at a fairly slow speed (say 4-12x).

If you’re lucky, that should be it.

I say lucky because as far as I can tell CloneCD has a bug that prevents some writers from producing working backups of Safedisc 2.8 games…like Splinter Cell.

If for some reason you can’t backup SC with CloneCD (because of the bug), then you may want to use Alcohol or Blindwrite, which don’t have any bug when it comes ot Safedisc 2.8

Also, make sure to play your backup from a CD-Rom, or enable “Hide CDR Media” in the CloneCD tray if playing from your writer because of the ATIP check.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I had no problem backing up splinter cell using a lite on 48246S and clone Cd with the safedisc 2+ profile.

I think I will try rescannin the disc with clonyxxl and see what it does.

You can do as you wish, but ClonyXXL is just a protection scanner, and the game has Safedisc 2.8 on it, so that’s all it will tell you.

Older versions of ClonyXXL can pass settings along to CloneCD, but those settings won’t be any better than those found in the profile I mentioned earlier.


Sorry m8, I didnt see your post I only got an email regarding iss’s reply.

Will do as you suggested.


Just tried and it didnt work. :frowning:

What are the other methods?


Downgraded CloneCD to and still the same problems, how do I copy this with other methods please?

See here.

despite what some people say you cannot guarantee 100% clonecd will make a working backup of safedisc 2.8 with a 2 sheep burner, this is what happened to me and many others including the mods & admin here by philamber:

i reccomend the alcohol 120% method described in detail here:

please make sure Bypass EFM Errors is unchecked
and burn RMPS is also unchecked

and turn off any emulation used by alcohol either through the burn or running in the background.

he bet me to it, please delete my posts at your descretion.

i used my BenQ 4816P to copy it using Clone cd with safedisc no aws settings… Works fine in my NEC ND1000A DVD burner, Plextor 1210A Burner, and Toshiba XM6702B reader… I also used the Plextor to read the image since imo that is the best reader it skips errors like there isn’t any! This BenQ is a two sheep burner from what I know since I backed up BattleField 1942, GTA 3, and Splinter Cell with it and it all works fine…

is that with hide cdr-media on or off with your reader ?

Im just trying Alcohol 120% and as its reading the disc its bringing up loads of read errors, is this correct?


Read errors are completely normal to see when trying to copy any Safedisc game. :slight_smile:


Phew :bigsmile:

Its on 25% at the moment.

Will let you all know.


I selected read spead of 1x and Write 4x to be safe.

:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Finally got it to work.

Thanks all :bigsmile:

Congrats on your success, mattyp. :smiley: