How to copy Splinter Cell Pandora

can some1 please help me

hey thanks for help me out guys

take a chill pill, help is only a matter of time…

If you have had read many of the Splinter cell pt threads you would know that:

Region dependent:

Discs 1 and 3 are copied with safedisc 3.15/20

Disc 3 is play disc i believe.

Now that you know the protection (which incidently can be found in the protection forum or finding it yourself with a-ray scanner) you need to know how to copy sd3+

Oh look a lovely guide written about it.

In short however as your time seems very short:

To copy this game it is very hardware dependent. You need to read the game at a very low speed, around 4x usually does the trick. Use your liteon 165h to read. This is a great reader. Mount the image on something like daemon tools to see if it works. If not retry and read the game again. Once the image works, see if your writer is capable. If it doesn’t work at max then slow the write speed down.

Make sure not to play the disc in a writer otherwise depending on what program you use you will need to hide the atip .

Then we need to know what software you have. Alcohol 120% and Blindwrite can copy this game fine.

You will also need to know that old emulation software will be blacklisted, so it is very important you unisnstall it or turn off the emulation part.

I can’t tell you much more because all you have said is “can some1 please help me” which is about as helpful as i am right now. We need details…

I’m sorry if this post seems rude to you however this question has been asked many times and answers given. If you use the search or just spend a minute to read some of the guides then you will already have answered your own question.

Let me add that a SafeDisc 3.15+ games have a considerably slimmer chance for a successful backup.

Ok well just picked up the Uk version this morning…

There are 4 discs

A-ray says:

Disc1 = SD 3.20.022 - install
Disc2 = None - install
Disc3 = SD 3.20 - play
Disc4 = None - install

Software i used = Blindwrite 5.1.5

Hardware = Asus 5224A

Used custom setting in Blindwrite that allowed me to slow the read spead down. Kept autoplay on just for compatibility.

Read disc3 at 12x on my asus to create the image, which worked perfectly mounted on daemons tools. So far so good…

Burnt the image at 48x (max rated for my media) on TY cd-r and again worked perfectly when run through my ltd 166s. As expected really because autoplay is very powerful.

Then for the real test… Uninstalled Blindwrite and any autoplay and what do ya know, it still worked.

Haven’t tried on other drives yet but will give that a go when i get some more time.

So SC:PT is copiable even without autoplay enabled…

Of course usual rules apply, incluuding not played through a writer without autoplay of any hide atip function. Also SD3+ is very hardware dependent so you need to have a good drive for this to work. My asus is a great drive, so i would recommend it to anyone.

Oh and about the game. From what i have played it seems very very sweet.

One thing that does bother me is that disc1 is sd3.2 as well which seems a bit strange as this is only used to install from. maybe later on in the game it will be required but can’t know that yet until i have completed it. Oooh might try mulitplayer to see if it is required there.

thanks for you help

will my LG GCC-4480b copy/read sd3?

Don’t know, give it a try. Mount the image with daemon tools to see if it works.

yer it works on virtual, but not when i burn it

What speed you read at?

Slow the burn speed down. If not then your writer isn’t up to it. You’ll have to use emulation.


You burner is based on the MediaTek Chipset, so it has EFM encoding ability. It should do SafeDisc 2/3.