How to copy SafeDisc 4.60.000 protected DVDs?


how can i copy SafeDisc 4.60.000 protected DVDs? The DVD hasn’t got any bad sectors. Creating the image is done in a few minutes. The method described in “Securom DVD ‘maxi’-image creation with BW5Tweaker” doesn’t work. Every image i burn created with A120%, BW5 or BW6, CloneCD seems useless on DVD. The drive doesn’t detect the DVD properly after burning. Mounting the A120% image works flawlessly… Any help to get this game/my drive recognize the burned backup would be great!

you simply can’t. You can only copy safedisc cd’s, not dvd’s.
What you already said, only mounting works with daemon-tools.

Blindwrite 6 can burn working emulated copies of Safedisc DVD titles.
Have you disabled EZ-Play emulation with EZ-Play manager ? If yes -> enable it.

Maybe Alcohol’s revised “ignore media type” emulation - if active - interferes with EZ-Play :confused:

the problem is, when burned, the drive doesn’t recognize the dvd correctly… i don’t now why. the led is flickering and in windows explorer when i click on the drive nothing shows up. i have no problems with other backups on dvd, just with this one :confused: