How to copy Red Faction CD 1?

Every time I try to backup Red Faction it just won’t work! At 80% the thing just gets stuck? :mad: How can I create a good Image file and am I using the right program?

Please help… I need to copy it! :slight_smile:

Please give us some more info! When does it get stuck? During reading the image? During installing the game? Which protection does it have? And what kind of hardware are you using? It’s very hard to help you without more info…

During the creation of the image…

I just can’t create the image…

At 79% it gets stuck…

Can someone tell me which app I should use to image it?


Which burning program do you use?
I suggest you to use Clonecd and Clony to scan for the copy protection.


But I tried to copy it witch clone cd…but it just won’t work (read above)

Can someone give me more advice?

Can someone tell me (who did copy it) how he/se did it?


what settings did u use
and what protection?

Hmm I managed to image it! Thanks to Clony!

What protection did Clony find?

The US version is “CD Check,” thats what GCW has posted… Clony didn’t come up with anything…


CD-Checks = SecuROM often. Sometimes it turns out to be Protect-CD. Normally it’s errors+data subs+illegal TOC+dummy files/oversized files.

Grrrr…I hate to say it, but

Read: FES on, FES settings default, data subs
Write: default

I have the German Version of Red Faction and CD1 is protected with Protected CD/VOB.
I used the following settings:

Read subchannel data from data tracks: on
Read subchannel data from audio tracks: on
FES: on, Retry 0
Intelligent Bad Sector scan: on

Always close last session

Did you enable the log (after burnprocess started Tools -> Log)?
As far as I can remember 80% was the point when a part of the copy protection begins (MANY unreadable sectors) and this may take quite a long time.

Hope this helps