How to copy raw sectors to harddisk?!

I have a cdrw that has been fast erased(toc). How do I recover the data?! Can It be done? Is there a tool that kan copy a chosen data sector range perhaps RAW format to my harddisk? And the combine it with a toc sectorrange that works and then again burn the whole sectors to an imagefle and back again on the cd/cdrw??!! Kan that be done, or what can I do.


Don’t know about cdrw - but CDRdiag can recover data from formatted cd’s and possibly cdrw’s (I believe it can, but I am doing this from memory) - it reads the data and ignores the directory if it is warrented.

I believe you used to get 5 free goes with the unregistered commercial offering - so, do a search for CDRdiag!