How to Copy Rainbow Six 3 RS




I am a newbie and have very little experience in copy protection but have had some minor success. I am trying to copy Rainbow Six 3 Raven Shield. I am getting a lot of read errors on Alcohol 120 and not much happening on Clone CD.

Is there a different program I can use to copy this game or am I doing something wrong. Thanks for any help. Regards Bill.


Welcome Bill,

the read errors are part of the used protection and will end around sector 10500+. We need to know the exact SafeDisc version you can use a copy protection scanner like Protection ID and post your result. We also need to know the brand and model of your optical drives.



Thanks a lot for the reply. I have to download the protection ID and then get back to you. I have no idea about the cd/dvdrw player in my laptop. I will find out though and post it also. What are optical drives? :confused: Once again I appreciate the reply. I am sure I will be asking more questions in the future.



In your case the optical drive is your DVDRW drive in the laptop.