How to copy PS2 and xbox games



I tried backing up a Xbox game last night and it does not work. Also, I noticed that after I select my dvd burner using cloneCD (newest version) that it does not let me select between the 5 different choices of burning (protected pc game, audio cd, game cd, etc…). Do I have to mod my xbox and PS to have these backed up games work?? Please help… Thanks.


i dont know much about PS2 but i know quite a bit about xbox stuff :wink:

well to backup a xbox game to a dvd so it works in your xbox u need to either modchip your xbox or “softmod” your xbox… once u do this u can use your xbox’s dvd-rom drive to read the game data and then use a program (that runs on the xbox) called “dvd2xbox” to copy the game into the xbox’s hard drive then u FTP into the xbox from your PC with a program called QUIX (theres other programs out there but this is the way i do it) then u can use QUIX to transfer the game data into your PC… it will be stored in ISO format… then u just use a basic program like NERO and burn it to a DVD and thats that :slight_smile:

if u dont want to get a modchip… softmoding will work… if u dont want to open up your xbox case to softmod then u will need a way to transfer the exploited saved game files onto a xbox memory card and u need a game like 007 or original splinter cell etc in order to install softmod etc etc etc… but what i did was open up the xbox case and connect the xbox’s hard drive into the pc’s IDE cable and transfer over the exploit that way :wink: … opening xbox case is simple… all u need is a TORX 20 screw driver and once the case is off the rest u can do without removing ANYTHING … u will just need to disconnect a cable or two which is pretty simple etc etc etc… basically the program u will need is “XBoxHDM” (xbox hard drive manager) and “Kingroach’s” softmod exploit program that works with XBoxHDM… then u burn it to a cd and u use that cd (which runs on your pc) to communicate with the xbox’s hard drive once u got it connected to the PC’s ide cable etc.

thats the basic idea of it… but theres a little more to it than what i said … but what i said is pretty much what u need to do.

have a good day :wink:


For dvd based ps2 games look at my sig but remember you will need a modchip or other boot method to be able to play the games…


umm mad max could u help me wth this on msn please by any chance?


Sure if you really need it (or give me a pm) but what could be simpler than mode\iso\read to read and mode\iso\write to write using dvd decryptor


This works.

I have copied Halo 2 and it is prefect.


But its not free dvd decryptor is :wink:
Also how come every one of your posts lead to dvdwizardpro (dont matter why i just noticed)


Hi guys but what if the game is around the 5.27gb mark? It`s too large to fit on a DVD-5. Some of the games i have that i want to back up are over the DVD-5 limit. Is there any way to cut and add dumby files to make them fit on a dvd-5


What modchip and what is the name of the games over the 5gig mark as there are not many at all.
also do you have a double layer burner…
Then depending on your answers we will take it from there


does this work for xbox games too


No only ps2 games xbox games cant be burned directly like this…


how can i do xbox games


I am interested in finding out how to backup my copy of Halo 2. at the moment it will not allow me to make a backup because when I FTP the files off the disk and Make them into and ISO it is too large for the DVD. I only have DVD5. is there a way to shrink one of the files by replacing a movie or something?


By connecting a modchipped xbox to the pc and ftping over the game files, then make an xbox compatible iso and burn the iso with nero or dvd decrypter.
As was said before, you can also softmod the xbox which means no chip is required.


the post that you responded to is over a year old. it seems as though the current queestion in this thread is how to back up an xbox game that does not fit on a single layer disc…

edit: it also seems as though that poster crossposted the question to another part of the forum so i guess it’s better off dicussed in his thread there…

@marius: cross posting is confusing!


Halo 2 can be made dvd5 by leaving out certain unrequired files. I think they might be game previews or foreign language files, but i can’t remember now sorry! Best to have a look at the game folders and see if there’s anything that matches those.


Yeah sorry about that hehe…i didn’t expect such an old thread to be revived and forgot to look at the post date! I did wonder why a question like that would be asked now when it’s common knowledge to most.


haha i do it all the time. i figured i’d let you know rather than let you waste the energy writing an in-depth answer on something that the poster will probably never read because we all know hoe frustrating that is!


so the swap out method with the gameshark would work here


[QUOTE=madmax;1045799]For dvd based ps2 games look at my sig but remember you will need a modchip or other boot method to be able to play the games…[/QUOTE]
Gday Max

Believe it or not, we have only now gotten rid of our PS1 and have bought a current model slimline PS2.
Naturally, i had it chipped with the latest chip.
A few questions if i may.

I borrowed some DVD based PS2 games from a friend.
They are burned ones.

I put one of the copies into the burner, went into Nero Express, clicked on “Copy entire disc”, then put in the blank when the copy was read.

Burned the copy of the copy as above, and put the burned copy into the PS2.
The PS2 didn’t recognize the disc, as it asked me to put in a formatted PS2 disc. (or something to that effect)

The PS2 does play my mates copies of DVD based games, but won’t play the copies that i have made of them.

Can you point me in the right direction here mate ?

Thanks in anticipation.