How to copy protected Securom 4.8 DVDs?

Can anyone tell me what to do to copy protected Securom 4.8 DVDs?
What hardware is needed?
What software is needed?
Is there a guide somewhere?
I have seen in kazaa or emule DVD versions of ut2004 avaible for download and they work perfectly. They are not cracked versions.

Do not post any crap about CDs with securom…everyone knows how to copy a CD with securom 4.8.

Please post only DVD securom info.

Welcome to cdfreaks jonnyurso,

before posting maybe reading the RULES would be nice. BW5 is the only program that is able to backup SecuROM protected DVDs.

Note : The TwinPeaks method no longer works for SecuROM 4.8x protected DVDs:)

Twinpeak doesn’t work on DVD indeed, it would require RAW mode to be written.
ATM, it can only be emulated with Blindwrite’s autoplay, Alcohol’s RPMS should follow soon. Securom DVDs can also be mounted on virtual drives with no problems.

BTW, UT2004’s latest patch removes all CD and DVD checks, including securom. Either your downloaded files were precracked or already updated.

I gave the ut2004 as an example.
I have here other DVDs with securom 4.8 that i wish to backup. For example i have a software, like Encarta, called Diciopedia but it only exists in my country and there is no freaky patch that can be applied to this program. Either i copy the DVD with the securom protection or it wont work.
I´ve tryed every possible way to copy a Securom DVD with BW5 and had still no success.
Is it my recorder?
I have a Pioneer 107.

Support of DVD emulation through autoplay was added in BW 5.2, released just a few days ago. Try updating and see if it works better.