How to copy protect my cd/dvd



Hey guys,

i’m gonna start this little company where i’m sure i’ll be burning things that i don’t want to get copied by anyone else, i will be burning both on normal 700 mb cd’s and dvd’s (4.7gig), is there any software i can use to make sure no one can copy filer from the disk, or to clone it? also i think i’m also gonna be making actual dvd’s using nero, so you can pop it into a dvd player and watch it (most probably workshops and courses), but i dont want them to be able to copy that one either, nor clone it, it’s bad enough they can lend it to someone, can’t do anything about that, but i really wanna find a way so they can’t copy it. Any suggestions guys? :frowning: :frowning: :sad: :sad:

thanks. :wink:


You may be able to make it more difficult for a novice to clone or copy your disc’s but ultimately any one with a little knowledge will be able to to copy them.
If large corporations spending millions cannot stop us backing up their products what hope have you?




ok then, how would i be able to keep novices from copying it, guess i should do all i can, and if thats all i can do, damnit i’ll do it. So…? tell me.


to be honest, it’s a waste of time. IMO


hmmm that bad huh…wow…in that case…heck…well would it help if i said that i dont think the clients ill be dealing with are very pc savvy? i mean i dont think there’s a single one of em that’s an honored member of cdfreaks :stuck_out_tongue: trust me

but i mean i guess you guys know what ur talking about, if u guys all agree that it’s a waste of time then i guess…i’ll have to accept that, but i still wanna try


if you really need it, have a read through this google search for something that suits your needs, i’m not sure how much this will cost.


i swear to god weedougie every thread on this topic you and xabi use the same rhetoric without actually saying anything helpful. yes you are correct that it is impossible to completely prevent your dvd from being copied, but it is not impossible to make it more difficult to copy i.e. deter the average user. my guess would be that you either pirate and sell movies or you have no idea what you’re talking about and find it easier to just say the same thing over and over.

to stoihode69: try searching cnet and google. there are an ass load of programs that will provide some amount of deterrence. there are also some little things you can do on your own to make it more difficult to copy your work, like adding dummy chapters and pointing to bad sectors.

here are some sites from google that might (or might not) help you:

Hope this is of some help.