How to copy protech a CD-ROM?

Hi there,

This is really the reverse world !! :confused: - but I need to copy protect an Academic CD-ROM I will distribute among researchers, schollars and students in the near future.

Can you recommend any easy going freeware or inexpensive shareware software which will do the job. It should just be just a general copy protection (like preventing Nero) - If special cd-burner / software combination can crack it - well, that’s alright !! :sad:

thanks :cool:


Can’t be done, Don’t even try. Besides if it’s academic why can’t they have it? Even the not so brite ones would put a camera and mic in front of the old tv and poof, instant copy which would in effect make it more likley they would share it with the world. Protections tend to make people want to do that kind of stuff just to show they can. Hollywood’s not doing such a great job of it, are you any different? :slight_smile:

Have you tried dvddecryptor?

can be done, have a look at one of these nUUK25 they should do what you want just fine :smiley:

Have you stated that the contents are your copyright? You should do so all over your files as well as trying to copy protect the disc.

Never mind: If it worked Hollywood would be using it.

you seem to have missed the point of the original posters question which I have pointed out in bold. Those protections are quite good for what they are, in fact a couple of them are real good and they will all stop nero in it’s tracks which is what nUUK25 wanted.

Thanks everybody,

It is not a movie or something like that but a bibliographic database with references to academic litearture, to install on PC. I don’t think the copying will be a big problem since mostly institutions hopefully will find it interesting enough to buy and keep up a quarterly subscription for updates !!

Yes, I will state copyright all over the files but then again if some student is so eager and ingenuitive to copy it but applying special harware/software and just for his/her own use I can not be bothered - provided that there is no further selling or destribution involved ! So, I suppose I’m a compromising softy !!
I don’t like the copy protection which is done on games to prevent people from making backup copies !!

I will now look into your suggested software !!

Thanks again, …and if you think of other obtions / software please post them here !