How to copy playstation 2 disc

hi all

i have a Driver 3 play station 2 game disc

and LG CD- RW ,DVd-R

How could i make a copy of my own disc?


You will need a mod chip in your Playstation 2 to be able to play copied games. Those can be pretty expensive, and have a chance of breaking your Playstation 2. If you are willing to do that, there is plenty of software able to copy Playstation 2 disks, such as Alcohol 120%.

thanx uman

yuo mean that after copying it with alcohol

it will not be able to work till i have amod chip in the play station?

is it just because the disc is not dvd ?

and what if copied it with DVD-RW and using clone dvd

wiil it be able to work or not…

i am waiting…

No matter what, it will not work if you don’t have a mod chip in your ps2. Sorry.

actually sum boot disks u can use work, but moding is easyer