How to copy Pearl Harbor

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This is an explanation of how I used various guides and programs to rip the main movie from the 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of Pearl Harbor and then combine the movie and burn it to one DVD-R (with DTS sound – obviously, you can select whatever sound streams you wish). Many thanks go out to the authors of the guides and programs that were used in this process.

I wrote this guide, as many do, to combine the various tips and suggestions of others and put them all in one post. As with most things, I am sure there are several ways to do this and this may not be the best one, but it works and in the immortal words of Forrest Gump, “That’s all I’ve got to say about that!”

Software used:
DVD Decrypter
DVD2One 113
DVD2AVI 1.76
VOBSplitter 2.6
VOB Edit 0.6
IfoEdit 0.95
Nero Burning ROM latest version

Guides used:
Joining different VOBs (Clips) to one DVD-R
Creating complete new IFO files
Complete idiots guide to making single DVD backups of episode discs with DVD2ONE

My hardware in case anyone is interested…P III 850, 768 RAM, Windows XP SP1, Lite On DVD ROM, Sony DRU 500A Burner, WD 120 GB HD and a Maxtor 120 GB HD + one crappy video card : ) and various and sundry other things…I use Ritek DVD-R from

The 60th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of Pearl Harbor comes with two disks. Part of the movie is on one disk and the rest on the second.

  1. Using DVD Decrypter, rip all of Disk 1 to a folder on your hard drive.
  2. When that is complete, insert Disk 2 and select main movie files, then invert selection and rip those files to another folder on your hard drive. The main movie files selected by DVD Decrypter on Disk 2 are the director’s commentary tracks, so you will want the other set.
  3. Use DVD2One to process Disk 1 and Disk 2 to separate folders, selecting your sound stream of choice. Disk 1 takes me about 35 minutes and Disk 2 takes me about 7 minutes. Now, it’s time to have some fun!
  4. (Optional) After you have completed the DVD2One processing…Delete the last VOB of Disk 2. It is just credits and the way I see it, wasted space.
  5. (Optional) Next, I used DVD2AVI and VOB Splitter to chop off some more credits that are on the end of VTS_01_2.VOB on Disk 2. 880466554 was as close as I could get to the end of the movie. When finished, you should only have 2 VOB files in your Disk 2 folder…VTS_01_1.VOB will be 1,048,574 kb and VTS_01_2.VOB will be 859,828 kb
  6. Next I used the guide, “Joining different VOB’s (Clips) to one DVD-R” from (Scroll down to the part where it talks about Joining Double Sided DVDs.) Follow that guide until you get down to end where it talks about using IfoEdit.
  7. At this point, you should have one folder with 7 VOB files. Move the IFO files from the folder; you may want to look at them with IfoEdit a little later on. You will now need to create new IFO files. Here’s a guide for that Follow that guide until the end where it talks about adjusting the IFO’s. Or, use this guide and scroll down about half way until you see
    “First things first, we do not need the .bup and .ifo files, so you can delete those from the episode directories; all we are interested in is the .vob files. (or leave them be if you want, they don’t do any harm in there.)”
  8. Next, I used the last part of the guide at to tweak the newly created IFO files and input the correct audio info.
  9. Now, you just run it through DVD2One again and burn it to DVD.

Notes: I tried doing subtitles with this process twice and they didn’t come out right. They were too blurry to read. Also, just for kicks, after everything was ready to go, I used IfoEdit to split the project so that I could burn it to 2 disks and then compared those disks with the one I made that had everything on one disk…the quality was pretty much the same, at least on my 50” Mitsubishi TV using my Xbox to play the disk.