How to Copy PAL VHS tapes to NTSC DVDs



I am a newbie. I just want to know from people around this forum to help me to transfer PAL VHS tapes to NTSC DVDs. I moved from England where I have a lot of PAL VHS tapes (Weddings, baptisms,… etc ) to Canada. I want to transfer them to NTSC dvds as this is the standard here in Canada and they can be preserved more effectively then on the tapes. So any advice would be much appreciated. I have both a PC and an Apple computer. Should I be using a capture card or something?


I’m no expert here (especially on the pal to ntsc part), but as no one else has answered yet, perhaps I can help a little. There are 2 ways to do vhs to dvd. The first is from a vcr to a stand alone dvd recorder. The advantage is its very easy. You just play the video and record in the dvd recorder. The disadvantage is that whats on the tape is what you get on the dvd (no editing, special effects or alterations of any kind). In your case, you are going to want a pal vcr, and a ntsc dvd recorder. There are pal to ntsc converters available that you can put between the units to convert (some are pretty expensive though, and I have no idea which ones work well).
I have this one.
mine is actually a sima which you used to be able to buy at many retail stores (discontinued because macrovision sued them but now sold online under another name).
(it can remove macrovision copy protection when going from vhs to dvd which is why I have it, but it can also do pal to ntsc, but I haven’t tried that function).
Here are a few others for example (I just googled them, no idea which are good).
Cheap (user reviews are questionable though)
quite expensive
kind of expensive

The next method is by computer. It can get a lot more difficult depending on how you do it, but it has the potential for the best results, and it allows whatever editing, combining etc you desire.

You of course need a capture card or external capture device.
I know newegg is not in Canada, this is just for reference (though I think they are actually coming to Canada soon).
Many of these (not sure about the cheaper ones) can actually do the conversion. One person tried a few and thinks the ATI TV Wonder card was the best for pal to ntsc (plus more info in this thread)

Beyond that, you can use any capture device (a pal one), and convert using software. There are many different ways to do this and many different programs that can do it. I use nero and know the full version can do it (I’m not sure about its what its capabilities are, I just know that I have converted a few small videos with it).
Here is more on doing it with software (probably the best route for maximum quality, but potentially the hardest).


Yeah ,I’m no expert either,VCR to standalone DVR or a combo unit will do the trick…
I use a capture card,the Hauppauge 150 PVR,not the latest or best I know,but it’s still does the job…It ignores macrovision on VHS if it’s there,however I don’t think you’ll have that prob with personal recordings…Once captured to PC in .mpg I’ll use an editor on the .mpg before converting and burning to NTSC DVD compliancy with FAVC , DVDFlick, or convertxto DVD…