How to copy own DVD to DVD changing menus

Just a quick question

I have copied from video to DVD using my home DVD recorder.

I am now wanting to put the DVD into my computer and change the menus and seperations between different points of time

just wondering what software I can use to do this…



TMPGEnc-Author is a popular choice. It will import the entire DVD and either keep or discard the chapter points. Custom menu creation is pretty simple.

had a problem,

looks like my home dvd recorder puts its own titles in place.

when putting the disc into my pc it says the disc if 4gb full, but i can only see the first track which is 1gb and can’t see any others.

any ideas?


Try VSO ConvertXtoDVD. Great program.:iagree:

Did you finalize the disc in your recorder? Got to do that.

Yes, I have finalised the disc in my home recorder.

The DVD will play in recorder showing all 8 tracks on DVD, I just use remote to move between them.

When I put DVD into my pc to take the movie files off to re-arrange them I can only play/see the first track.

DVD information says 4GB has been used but only a folder with 1GB of data can be found on the DVD.

I know 4GB must be on there as it has 2 hours worth of video recorded onto it and when I use Alcohol 120% it copies 4GB of data but still can only view 1GB of data.