How to copy Max Payne 2



I’ve been trying to make a backup copy for this game and I’m a little bit lost. First all, I’ve never done this before so I need some clear instructions.

I managed to find a thread where a previous poster asked this question

and it led me to another thread where I eventually found a stick on the subject. It said something about buildling a BWA file - what the heck is a BWA file? And where can I D/L this ‘twin peak’ utility?

Isn’t a tutorial supposed to cover that sort of thing? or atleast provide a definition for the newies?


First you need to use a program called Blindwrite6.

Here is a link to some guides for ya.

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I have no experience with either Blind Write or Alchol 120%. Which is better for copying games? (Thanks for the link BTW).


It’s depends on your burner, and the copy protection in question. They both serve their purpose.

Another good program to have is called A-Ray Scanner. It will tell you what kind of copy protection your dealing with.

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Ok for MP 2, they use SecuRom 4.8 - so which is better Alcohol 120 or Blind Write?

These are the burners installed on my system:

Lite on CD-RW 52x


Try this and see how you make out, use your nec.

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I don’t think those links are going to help me much.

Let me rephrase this. Right now, I don’t have either Alcohol 120 or Blind Write and I have very little money. So what I want to know is whether one particular program is better than the other for coyping games before I spend my money! Emphasis on very little money - meaning I cannot buy both programs.


Download Alcohol 120% Use the 30 trial period.

Use alcohol to make the image(s) using securom new 4.x/5.x datatype settings. The game should run fine from the image of the play cd mounted on one of alcohol’s virtual drives.

You can also use DAEMON Tools virtual drives as well. (This program is free )

It’s best to try before you buy. Start with Alcohol 120%

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I don’t think Alcohol 120 has a trial period. I downloaded the program the other day and I’m pretty sure about that.


Free 30 day Alcohol 120% trial

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