How to copy Madagascar successfully!

Point of view nothing.

The latest CloneDVD2 will, in conjunction with the latest AnyDVD, make a perfectly good copy of Madagascar. End of story.

Ok here’s the thing - it has been stated a number of times that there are multiple ways to approach Arccos. DVD Decrypter (and, I suspect, DVDFab Decrypter) approach it one way. AnyDVD approaches it another way.

DVD Decrypter’s approach has always worked for longer with a given update. Each update covers more possibilities. AnyDVD’s approach has always been a “small tweaks” approach, needing a tweak here and there more often.

I’ll personally take the frequent updates.

For kicks and grins put Madagascarin my 1620 a blank TYT02 in 1640,Any Dvd enabled, opened clone DVD and in 22 min had a working copy. Of course the video quality wasn’t the best in the world being shrunk at 50% but good enough for the grand kids.
This was r-1 full screen.
Good products! :clap:

@ 4hams,

You are posting in the AnyDVD Forum and the focus of this Forum is the AnyDVD software program. This entire posting focus is not on the use of the AnyDVD software but is focused on the avoidance of using the AnyDVD software program.

Postings focused on the avoidance of using the AnyDVD software do not meet the sprit of this Forum.

In seeing that the current version of AnyDVD works with the Commercial DVD Move Title Madagascar this posting is off topic.

This entire posting should in moved to the DVD Fab Forum ( or the Copy DVD Movie Forum (

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I think that’s what he’s referring to. I don’t know much about this program other than I’ve seen it mentioned a lot in the last month or so. I have NO clue how well it works or how it compares to other solutions. In any case, there you go. Personally I’ll stick with CloneDVD2 and DVD-RB for all my backup needs. :slight_smile:

You and me both. Because in the end, tweaking the detection and removal engine will end up with a far better product. This is of course just my opinion and anyone is free to disagree with it, but, the fact is that AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 are truly brilliantly engineered. As a developer I HIGHLY respect the elegance with which they are developed. Now, nothing is perfect and they’ll need updates from time to time. And people will always be there to say “oh look, anydvd doesn’t copy X movie…use Y program cause it works.” That’s fine and all, but, with the speed at which Slysoft updates, I personally see no need to clutter my system with a bunch of rippers. AnyDVD doesn’t cause my system any issues and it works for me 99.9% of the time. And that .1% is resolved within a day. How can you ask for anything more?! :slight_smile:

Are you ok over there? :slight_smile: Sorry, couldn’t resist! :slight_smile:

Oh THAT program.

Yes, it is inferior to Shrink, Recode, and of course DVD Rebuilder. I tried it, laughed, and deleted it.

It is MUCH better now, though. Supposedly, the author has a SECRET DLL that removes structure protection too, but nobody knows where to download it. ROFLMAO!

as of last week, when all were here discussing this topic. my little woman had this disk & made a full 1:1 copy with the same prog that she has been using for the last couple years? decyprter,in iso mode. then made a dl disk. she got the full menu & everything!! if it was tryed to be put threw shinrk then problems arose. simply put dvd decrpter made the grade again!!! :iagree: :iagree:

LOL! Yea, I’ve seen it mentioned a lot in the general copy/dvd forum but I decided after you asked about it to go look at their website. Hey, at least it comes with the source code! :slight_smile: As for the machinist.dll or whatever the hell it is, um, why bother when we have AnyDVD anyway? :slight_smile: I think I’ll just, oh, I don’t know, stick with CloneDVD2 perhaps? :slight_smile:

i looked at it too…tried it…no iso mode as with dvdshrink…i’ve always liked dvdshrink which i often use with anydvd running in the background…in case anyone is interested in shrink to 5…it can be downloaded here, along with that dll at the below listed link…

That’s weird, DVD Decrypter can rip this in ISO mode?? As for Shrink to 5, I do not like it either. I use DVD Shrink, but I also have Recode & CloneDVD2.

I am disappointed with Nero Recode though. It is faster than Shrink, but the quality is not as good for some reason. I know it is based on the code of DVD Shrink, but what happened here???

Hey guys in response to all your very negative and condesending remarks about my post, have no fear that I will not be returning to try to offer a solution to a problem I have seen posted all over the net!!! If you think that I am a newbie on the forum you are correct! Am I a newbie to Clonedvd2 ANYDVD 1Click DvdCopy or shrink or DvD Decrypter or many other programs you are DEAD WRONG! I have suggested the ANYDVD program to Probably thousands of people over the last year and am a very statisfied owner and user of the program! I will certainly continue to suggest the use of this program to people in the future, but not here on this forum!

Thanks to all for your oh so curteous welcome to the forum that I heard so many good things about! It is amazing how a few very negative and obviously arogant people and there posts can TURN of the desire to help in new members into a desire to not return!!!

I’m disgusted in the way in which you treat new members and maybe the administrators should have a word with you folks!

And for all of you that know so much about the world of DVD back-up! SHRINKT5 GUI is the same author as SHRINK!!!

Once again thanks so much for you warm welcome!!!

Y’know, if you had posted this in the right place, you wouldn’t have been bashed. But you know what? You went into the AnyDVD forum to tell people how NOT to use AnyDVD. Did you expect accolades? The APPROPRIATE place for this post would have been in the main DVD Copying forum.

I’m disgusted in the way in which you treat new members and maybe the administrators should have a word with you folks!

People were GENTLE with you…

And for all of you that know so much about the world of DVD back-up! SHRINKT5 GUI is the same author as SHRINK!!!

No it isn’t. The author of DVD Shrink is currently working on Nero Recode, not ShrinkT5 GUI which is an inferior product. Thank you for pretending to have insider knowledge… too bad it backfired.

Once again thanks so much for you warm welcome!!!

No problemo.

@ 4hams,

You are more than welcome to post in the AnyDVD Forum or any other CD Freaks Forum but as a Member of the CD Freaks Forum you are obligated to make posting in the correct appropriate Forum.

In the wisdom of the Manages of the CD Freaks Forums they set up an organized Forum hierarchy to provide order organization to Forum postings. In the Copy DVD Movie Forums they have a DVDFab and 1Click DVD sub- Forums. Since your ‘How to copy Madagascar successfully!’ posting contained information concerning the use DVDFab and/or 1Click DVD and not the use of AnyDVD your posting should have been posted there and not in the AnyDVD Forum.

The entire sprit of your ‘How to copy Madagascar successfully!’ posting was focused on the avoidance of the use of the AnyDVD software program and as such did not provide any information to Forum Members who visited the AnyDVD Forum seeking assistance with the AnyDVD software program. Postings of that nature are inappropriate to post in a Forum which is dedicated to the AnyDVD software program.

It’s that simple – post information in the correct appropriate Forum.

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  1. Rip with DVDFab Decryptor while AnyDVD is running in the background.

  2. Burn (and compress) to DVD with CloneDVD2. Worked for me, thanks to the above info.


Did someone make you the Anydvd police :cop: ??? Let the mods handle it if they see a problem.

Or you could replace step 1 with “copy to your hard drive using explorer while AnyDVD runs”. :slight_smile:

You are 100% correct!!! It appears the problem people are having is with the dvd itself and the way it is structured! It is not a decryption problem!

The spirit of my post was to help those who were not able to back up Madagascar. Originally most people who were having problems with this movie thought it to be an encryption problem! As did I! So I started to experiment and found a solution that should work for all trying to back up this movie! On further investigation I and most others have found it not to be a decryption problem and if anydvd is on and you use explorer to copy the files on the disc to the harddrive first then it can be copied with your choice of backup software!

I have used ANYDVD for a long time and reccommend it to many or all people I see having issuse backing up there dvd collection! It is probably the best decrypter available to the masses! But even it fails sometimes. And to think otherwise is foolish! Thank God the good folks at Slysoft usually fix or update for new encryptions almost immediately!

Furthermore if the moderators thought my thread or post was wrong or breaking the rules do you not think they would have moved or deleted this thread and given me a tongue lashing instead of you taking on the role of forum enforcer!!!

If my posts offended anyone I am sorry but it was only posted in the spirit of being helpful to others!!!

I was not in an way putting down ANYDVD!!! :slight_smile: