How to copy Madagascar successfully!

Hey folks there are a lot of users having problems decrypting some newer movies (Madagascar, Stealth and so on). If you cannot get the latest version of anydvd to work try this.

Go here and download DVDFab Decrypter. It works great on these movies! Yes it is somewhat slower than anydvd and dvd43 but it works! You do not have to use it all the time, just when a movie is giving you trouble!

The object is too copy the movie and that is of the most importance! Who cares if Anydvd and dvd43 do not work, GET OVER IT and try something else!

Anydvd and dvd43 do not exist well together on most computers so eliminate one or the other, you decide which will go!

DVDFab can and will coexist with either anydvd or dvd43 without any problems do to the fact that they do the same task, but much differently!

When having decryption problems shut down the computer and when you restart TURN-OFF Anydvd or dvd43 whichever you decided to use as your regular decrypter. Then open DVDFab Dcerypter and use it!!!

The solution can be that simple!!!

For those having problems copying Madagascar with 1Click Pro, if you turn your decrypter off before inserting source dvd and opening 1Click pro, use DVDFab Decrypter. When using Anydvd or dvd43 1Click Pro will open and analyse the source disc but will not start!

If you use the files already decrypted from DVDFab decrypter, 1Click Pro will analyse the movie and ask if it is a episode disc (ANSWER YES) and all should be fine!

Hope this helps those of you having decryption problems!

This should also work with other dvd back-up software!

My previous post was not meant to put down anydvd in any way!!! I own anydvd and love the product!!! But it is not working on certain movies of late and this is a solution that anybody can try!!!

I have urged people to use anydvd for a long time on another forum I belong to and will continue but the current version does not cut it for a lot of users!!!

Hope they fix it soon!

Funny - I ripped Madagascar just fine with AnyDVD. I think you’ll find that the users having problems aren’t using the latest version.

If your version won’t rip, send the IFOs to Slysoft, and within hours it will!

What backup program did you use? I used Clone2 and the main movie ripped fine but the menus and extras had a problem.

after using dvdfab I also had to run the files through vobblanker to get shrink to accept them.

I used AnyDVD Decrypter to rip, then CloneDVD to burn/backup Madagascar. I’ve never tried vobblanker, never had it installed before.

DVDFab Platinum (11/18/2005) Version Updated!

  • Change: Added support for a new protection as found on “Madagascar” (US).
    It’s not a Sony movie, but the protection is almost same with Sony ARccOS.

I tried this on Madagascar since everything else seemed to freeze up and it worked! All my files were the same size and the copy plays fine in all my players. First time I had to resort to another program to successfully copy a DVD. I will still use AnyDVD & CloneDVD for all my backup needs, but Madagascar seems to be a tough one. I am sure Slysoft will find a workaround soon.

The same process I always use:

  1. Copy files to hard drive.
  2. Use VOB Blanker to remove unwanted titles.
  3. Compress.

Sometimes step 3 is DVD Shrink or Recode, if the compression is low enough. Other times it’s DVD Rebuilder.

I never have problems if I keep AnyDVD current. Didn’t this time, either.

Why would you use shrink when the program is no longer being updated? And has not been for probably 3-4 months!

With DVDFab both 1click and 1clickdvd work perfectly! and so does clonedvd2.

If the copy protection is already removed, then DVD Shrink is fine to use. There’s no need to update it unless you’re talking about the ripping part of it, and that is SERIOUSLY out of date anyway, so, it’s irrelevant. It’s been a lot longer than 3-4 months since DVD Shrink has been updated, as well. Now, I personally recommend CloneDVD2, but, to put down Shrink on the basis of it not being updated is ridiculous. CloneDVD2 hasn’t been updated in over 6 months…does that mean we should stop using it, as well?

Samuri relax this is just a disscussion! I am not putting down shrink just curious why it would be used when it has been replaced by so many other programs! Such as ShrinkT5 GUI or any other copying software that is still updated when neede!

I’m not cutting up SHRINK! It was a fantastic program in its day! And yes it can still be used as long as you have another working form of decryption!

I was just trying to figure out the logic, that’s all. I personally recommend CloneDVD2, but, for those that want a FREE alternative, DVD Shrink is hard to beat. Yea, it’s no longer updated, but, neither is DVD Decrypter and a lot of people still use that. Free programs are hard to beat. :slight_smile: Except of course by commercial programs that get updated every couple hours when needed. :wink:

I also like cloneDVD2 but it will not work with ANYdvd to make a full copy of Madagascar with working menus. Neither will the 1Click programs! Funny how both the 1Click Programs and CloneDVD2 will make complete backups with working menus of this movie when decrypted with DVDFab Decrypter.

Thank you for your point of view!

I still don’t have this movie yet, but, just out of curiosity, has anyone tried ripping it with Vob Blanker/AnyDVD and then using CloneDVD2 on that? Will that successfully do it? Again, this is just a curiosity thing. Thanks!

I think i read earlier that someone had made a successful copy using Vob Blanker and anydvd but I am not sure if they made a complete copy.

Yea, that’s what I was wondering about…a full copy using CloneDVD to compress it and Vob Blanker/AnyDVD to rip it. The reason this intrigues me is that if it IS successful, it’s theoretically possible that in the future when a new version of a copy protection is released that maybe this combination will suffice until AnyDVD is updated. Not that it takes very long, but, I’d like to have options. DVD Fab Decrypter is nice and all, but, I bought and paid for AnyDVD and would like to use that if possible. And with Slysoft’s record of updating so quickly, it’s usually not a problem to just wait a few hours for the update.

(And I use Vob Blanker anyway to strip out unwanted crap from the movie. A lot of times I use CloneDVD itself to do that, but, in some cases the crap I want to remove is embedded in a vob file that I want to keep and CloneDVD can’t always deal with that.)

I agree that anydvd is tremendous with fixes for newly authored dvs with new encryption on them. but in some cases waiting is a pain. I only just got DVDFab Dcerypter due to the fact that anydvd was not doing the job and i heard that Fab had just been updated so I thought I would try it again, and to my surprise it worked! It is also FREE! Great product as an alternative if anydvd is not working!

I still use DVDShrink alot. The last few weeks I have turned to DVD Region +CSS Free with Roxio Easy DVD Copy. I burned Madagascar with those programs before the update and it was messed up. Since the update it was perfect. I still use DVDShrink with DVD Region because I like the way it works. I don’t need an update for it…just a good decrypter! :iagree:

Umm… wanna elaborate? I’ve not only never heard of that, but… well ok that’s mainly it. I’ve never heard of it, and since I’m pretty up on this I figure if I haven’t heard of it, it must kinda suck. So do tell…