How to copy Juiced PC game? PLZ!

I am trying to burn a game called Juiced on PC but I cant get it to read the cd whenever I burn it. Im using Alcohol 120% and have used the Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x) setting but it hasn’t seemed to work. :a If anyone could help??? PLZ Thankyou NaTH98

Okay…assuming that you are trying to back-up the game…
Buy yourself a copy of the program “5 Star Game Copy.” It will handle “Juiced” and other difficult titles.
Look here:

Ok thanks alot for your help :wink:

No problem…welcome to the forum. :smiley:

It didnt work??? I used the RAW Mode and Underrun protection settings in the program 5 Star Game Copy. Any ideas?
Thanks for your help

That’s strange…are you sure your original isn’t damaged in some way?

Well its not exactly a reliable copy! It comes up with the error “unable to authenticate original disc within the time limit”.

Ah hah…then that might mean that the game has put a code into your registry not permitting it to be played because the time for registration has expired. I suggest you Google your question or go to one of the game forums…try these:

It also comes up with the message “Original disc could not be found or authenticated” Got any ideas? And i dont really know what it means to put a code in my registry but is there a way to get rid of it?

try the disc in a different drive if you have another. It is having trouble reading the disc that is why you get that error

I tried it in my other drive but it said the same thing??? :a

do you still have the image you made of the disc? if so load it in daemon tools or any other virtual drive and see if it works from there

Then it sounds like you might have a scratch or some other imperfection in the disk itself. Or, as I explained above, the program has added something to your registry which prohibits further use. The registry is part of Windows…it gives the operating system important information as to how programs should be run. Deleting a program using the control panel, then “add/remove programs” will sometimes clear a registry error, but this is not always the case.
I really think you should have a look at those links I gave you and ask your question there as well.
If the problem is a disk with a wonky surface (scratches, etc…), taking it to your local DVD hire place to have the surface polished might restore it to a point where your drives will read it again.
Good luck.
Edit…Slayerking got in before me with some good advice…try it, and if it doesn’t work try my suggestions as well.

No it still isnt working just coming up with errors?

The best program for securom is blindwrite there is no competition. Make an image with blindwrite then load it in daemon tools with no emulation on, If it runs then you have a good image and can proceed to burn with blindwrite.

I also get that error with my original manhunt cd in one of my drives but it works fine in the other drive. Why, because the drive that gives the error has trouble reading it.

The disc does look pretty scratched but ill give it a go & thanks for your help guys :wink:

The blindwrite didnt work does that mean the cd is unreadable?

Sounds like it…take it along to your local VideoEzy store and get it polished to see if it can be restored.