How to copy home movies to disc or store online



Hello all,

I hope I have posted in the right section here. It’s my first post so please be kind to me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok my problem/s. I need to format my computer as it’s been playing up for a while. However I can’t find a way to successfully save all my short home movies I have taken of my children. They are only taken with my digital camera so only go for up to 1 minute in length. Average file size is about 7MB.

Now they are too big too email. I tried uploading them to somewhere like photobucket but it just takes way too long and then comes back with an error.

I tried using Winzip to zip them but for some reason it’s barely doing it. EXAMPLE. Original file was 7.73MB and after running it through zip it was still 7.43MB.

I have a burner but can’t burn them. Apart from Nero playing up (ejecting my discs and telling me that they arn’t blank) I am not 100% sure what I am doing. (I uninstalled Nero in hope to reinstall it and it would work, but now it won’t go back on. Not sure if it’s corrupted or if it’s just from my computer having issues)

What I was aiming for was to compress the files small enough to send through email. Then send from my outlook express onto a web based email program like Gmail or Hotmail. But I don’t know what to do.

I have about 30 or so of these short movies to save some how or another and can’t bare to loose them as they are all I have in movies, of my children. But my computer desperately needs formatting.

Can anyone, in simple terms, LOL tell me how I can do this. I am OK with computers but fairly new to buring movies from a hard drive. I do have DVD shrink but I don’t think I can use that to achieve what I need to, can I?

I really hope someone can help me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Probably nero give you an error because you try to burn on an already burned disc.

Try to use a new disc: this should solve


If you have XP you can use the “Copy to CD” option.


Thanks for the suggestion.

The disc are definately empty. They are new so it’s not that. You see I can try to burn something to a CDR through Nero and it ejects the cd and say to insert blank media. BUT if I use the XP burning program with the SAME disc it works.

This is how I saved all my photos and documents etc but it won’t allow movie files to copy that way.

Any other suggestions?


what was the problem with storing them on a gmail account while you reformat?

or are you specifically trying to troubleshoot your burning problem? if yo’re trying to troubleshoot your burning problem please state the brand and model of your burner, what firmware your burner has, what media you’re using to burn to (or trying to burn to) and what programs and specific version NUMBERS you’re using to attempt this burn.

also what format are the movie files in that you are trying to burn?


Create a new compilation ([B]data[/B] disc, not video) with nero containing all your movies. Then select “Image recorder” instead of your burner, and save an ISO file on your hard disc.

Then, use imgburn to burn that ISO file on a disc. This should work


The files are too big to send through to gmail. I have tried to do that but it takes well over 6 minutes, attempting to send 1 file (approx 7MB) and then gives me an error message telling me the file wasn’t sent.

I no longer have Nero on here. I can’t get it to reinstal. My burner is a BenQ

Ideally I would just like to compress, zip, whatever, the video files (which are in MOVIE format) so that they can be easily sent to a web based email program.


If you can’t burn them to a CD as data, something is seriously wrong. Even without nero you should be able to do that with Windows inbuilt crap. You can’t reinstall nero? I can see why your are reformating, but theres no need to loose your data. Just offhand, drunk as I am, I suggest uploading your files to several hosting sites such as megaupload, yousendit, rapidshare…whatever you can access. Save the urls to notepad or write them down. Reinstall windows and get your pics and vids back from the hosting sites.


Another solution could be to create a new partition on your HDD, and copy here your files. When reformatting, only C: partition will be lost, and your files will be safe in the other partition.

Also an external HDD could solve your problem. You don’t need absolutely to buy an external one: it’s also possible to buy an internal hard disc and an external box to connect it with USB port.


How about picking up a cheap USB flash drive big enough to hold all of them?