How to Copy HD-DVD's (using an Xbox 360)

I just posted the article How to Copy HD-DVD’s (using an Xbox 360).

An article found here outlines an interesting way to backup your HD-DVD’s using an Xbox 360 with the HD-DVD add-on and a PC.
The author makes use of the fact that the HD-DVD add-on outputs at…

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Yes. I don’t think it’s time yet for HD sharing yet. THe speed of the internet is fast but still not fast enough. It’s just a matter of time tho.

I think you meant 6GB per hour, not minute.

FAST? What? We have snail mail connections in comparison to our Asian counterparts, they’re on 20-45 MBPS and here we are on s&#$(*y DSL and CABLE! If the studios are smart, they’ll become fast friends w/ COMCAST and the phone companies to keep it that way, so we can spend $30-$50 bucks on HD-DVD/BLU-RAY. Anyway, I don’t want it for piracy, but rather it’s easier for me to just have the DVD on the HDD so my cousins and nephews don’t walk out with my s#$t after they visit. Just watch it from my PC to the TV and go home!

@happykev No I think he meant 6GB per minute. Remember this is analogue capture into uncompressed formats of HD content.

hope there’s somesort of lossless codec that support hidef such as huffyuv was/is? also if there is then I hope there is a CPU that’s fast enough :+

This is the most rediculous story of the week and it shows how desperate kids are to sound like they own the studios even though they don’t. It costs over $10,000 to have enough computing equipment to capture full length 1080p movies on hard drives. For that cost, you can buy a proper BD player and a few hundred BD movies the legal way. It’s so expensive, Pioneer doesn’t even bother with automated testing, instead paying people to sit in front of Blu-Ray players all day verifying the picture quality. That’s the whole idea of copy protection. Not to make it impossible but to make it uneconomical. This kid just proved copy protection works. Even if you were stupid enough to spend the $10,000, the quality is significantly degraded because it’s analog.

Raw HD footage is not 6GB a min