How to Copy GameCube Games

Is it possible now to back-up gamecube games with a dvd writer, burning them on mini dvds?

What about the Phantasy star online method?

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To my knowledge GameCube’s mini-dvd’s are read in reverse order (from outer to inner) so therefore not copyable.

You can transfer content back and forth using the broadband adaptor and the exploit.

I have saw one guy who take of front cover of his GC and he put in standard size burned DVD and play some game…so it must be posible to back-up GC DVD

So far , the only iso’s i’ve seen are the ones made by using this method.

i have been monitoring these threads lately, and after one year i found out how to do it!!! :slight_smile: however its not all that leagal, so if you want to find out how to do it email me at

a quick explination would be: get the iso, burn it on to a mini dvd, or a dvd (if you like playing with your to off!! :stuck_out_tongue: )-wich unfourtunately i dont know how to do, and play, but u have to have a chip like viper GC.

any way you might just want to wait for revolution, and download the game 100% LEGAL!!! :slight_smile:

I have a qoob pro modchip in my Gamecube. Works great. You can transfer the games from your gc over the broadband adapter to your pc for burning. This chip supports direct booting of dvd-r discs. You can use mini or full size. I’m using full size Ritek G05’s in my GC. To fit the whole thing, you need to take the top off. But Team Xecuter is about to start manufacturing full replacement cases for the gamecube that supports full size dvds.
Pics of Replacement Case
Qoob Chip Website
Using an official bios from the Qoob Pro chip, doesn’t support booting dvdr backups. But a little googleing for one never hurt. :bigsmile:
I’ve tested backups of all my gc games and they work great.
Also, the qoobchip has a mini usb “b” connector for easy flashing of the bios.

if you burn them on full dvds, it only reads the first 1.5gig doesn’t it? the gamecube scene is starting to take off, as well as the ds scene and psp scene.

For all pratical purposes, yes, around 1.35GB. I think some have done test that report up to 2.2gb, but not with good readability or something like that.

thats the last time im posting my email on an open fourm!
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Step #1:get .iso
Step #2: burn.iso
Step #3: enjoy!
the only problem is how to get the .iso, and im not revealing my source.

u must have viper GC installed into your GC.
and, if you cant do all that, dont waste your money on GC games, save up for Nintendo Revolutions!! you can download all nintendo-made games for FREE!!!

I understand that the data is reversed, but if you copy it directly to a mini dvd, it should be fine.

if you want to learn more, google: how to copy xbox games,find something that explaines the way it works. for the mostpart viedo game consloes consist of the same kind of stuff. learn about the BIOS. this is the part that verifys the game.

Um, no. You will not be able to download all Nintendo’s games, Gamecube games will be omitted as they will still be on sale, not to mention most of the good ones are too large to store on the Rev. They will not be downloadable for free either; what kind of business sense would that be? Who would cover the bandwidth costs?

Bittorrents thank you very much :iagree:

Hi All!

I have installed the cobra modchip in my Gamecube. (works PERFECTLY!! :clap: ) Also, I get from one of my “sources” some burned mini dvd-r (backups) of GC games…I was wondering if I can do the whole ripping thing without the PSO exploit…now that I have the modchip installed…basically, I’m asking for a way to backup GC games unto my pc (broadband adapter perhaps??) and the burn them on Mini dvd-rs or even regular dvdr’s…

Please help if you can!

just get a 30 dollar filtop and burn them to regular dvds

How do you do that? Do you need a program?

How do you do that? Do you need a program?

OMG! You guys are making this so hard. The best way to do this is without buying a mod chip at all. You can download (not saying how) or import a soft mod onto your mem card and i will act as a mod chip. Then all you do is burn the game you want to burn onto a mini dvd and there you have it. Also you might wanna try fitting an Xbox or PS2 game onto it im not geranteeing (i cant spell) but it’s worth a try.


please i am loooking forward in moding my GC and i need help. I see this product…
which can upload an image onto a PC and then maybe burn on a mini. BUT will GC play burned mini DVDs? has anyone tried. WHat programs do i need. It would be really nice if i can get a full tutorial.


The just recently got max drive pro and its the best way to play gamecube games without installing a mod chip. It was about $50 but well worth it. we had some problems with the mini dvds (read errors) but we took the case top off and are just using regular size dvds. And who needs to rip anything when you can get almost any game you need off bittorrent web sites. email me if you need more info.

here is a newsgroup with tons of gamecube iso’s

Is it possible to rip gamecube images with a backup copy of phatasy star (on a chipped machine, obviously)