How to copy Game who wants to be a millionaire 2nd edition

Can anyone help me I bought a cd program and I want to make a back up copy of the disc I have tried clone cd on every setting but no sucess the program WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE 2nd edition seems to be protected.
When I make a copy it loads onto the computer but when the interface comes up at the begining it just sits there I can go no further.:confused: I have checked the disc and it comes up with various things i.e. dummy files bad sectors it says in the readme files that it can not be copied which I do not believe.
someone out there please help me as I am new to burning cd/s
could they explain how I go about it : I also have the latest version of cd mate I have downloaded various protection programs that scan the disc and tell me it is protected.
I also have perfect copy for clone cd by the way It will not let me upgrade it I need help there to
Thanks to anyone who can help me Tom Gilfeather