How to copy FS2000pro



I wanne make a copy of FS2000pro
It contains 3cds and the first 2 are protected with safedisk (you need one of these 2 to start it up)

clonecd doenst work with my cdwriter so that isnt an option

I would like to be able to do any install

Is there any crack wich is able to do this or does anyone know a nice way to copy the cds

any suggestions are welcome




I suppose you’ve looked at :

yeaaaah pretty sure ya did…




i allready did



BTW:does it matter if i took a fs2000 crack
or isnt it the same as a fs2000pro crack?


My writer doesn’t support clonecd either so I searched for an ather method to copied it.

And guess what? I found a way.

You will have to replace the fs2000.exe and the Fsedit.exe with ather ones before you burn the first cd!

So mail me and I will send you the files with an explanation on how to make a working “backup” of the game.


I used Clone CD. It worked just nicers…


how can i mail you if i dont know your mail adress

thx for the help, but i think i allready found a nice program to get around the safedisk protection:

venoms generic safedisc 4.1
you just open the fs2000 through this program and goes fine!

(shit… i just had a bufferunderun with the second cd… )