How to copy film to hard drive and then back to DVD

I’m trying to copy my wedding DVD to my hard drive (as backup), and have successfully done this using an old version of CloneDVD.
However I am having significant problems trying to burn the film back to DVD.

I can view the film perfectly from my hard drive, but when I copy the files back to a DVD (using CloneDVD2) neither Windows Media Player, WinDVD or my DVD player recognise the film (even though I can see all the necessary files have been copied to the disc - .bup, .vob, vts (using Windows explorer)

Please can someone tell me how to backup a DVD to my hard drive AND then subsequenbtly copy it back to a DVD-R, so that when I put it in a DVD player it plays !!!

FYI I’ve used by Toshiba M2 laptop (Matshite DVD-RAM UJ820S) and CloneDVD2 coping software with Datawrite DVD-R’s (which my DVD player is happy to play).

Please let me know if you nee more info

Thanks for your help in advance

anilpatel1975 –

To prevent problems it is highly recommended that you use the most current up to date CloneDVD software program. Visit SlySoft ( and download the newest most current up to date version of CloneDVD.

How was your Wedding ceremony originally copied to a DVD? Quite possibly your problem could be that your Wedding ceremony DVD Disk was poorly copied to blank DVD Media in that it was pooly/incorrectely authored to the DVD Format. CloneDVD is not a DVD authoring software program. Some undisclosed DVD authoring software program was used to author and compile the audio/video Wedding ceremony data to the DVD format.

Just because a recorded DVD Disk appears to play in any particular DVD playback device is not a true indicator that the data on the DVD Disk is quality error free data.

Also it should be noted that DataWrite DVD Media is NOT noted to be quality DVD Media. DataWrite doesn’t manufacture any DVD Media but contract with various DVD Media Manufactures. Some of the DVD Media Manufactures that DataWrite contract with are CMC Magnetics Taiwan, Anwell China, and other DVD Media Manufactures that are noted for producing cheap low quality problematic Media.

To effectively trouble shoot your problem you need to explain in detail exactly how your Wedding ceremony audio/video data was authored to the DVD Format and originally recorded to blank DVD Media.


PS – Isn’t this CloneDVD Forum posting “How to copy film to hard drive and then back to DVD…” a carbon copy of your Copy DVD Movie Forum posting “Copy film from Hard Drive to DVD” that you made less than 24 hours ago?

Thanks for the detailed reply.
I note the Datawrite issues, and will try using a more up to date version of Clone DVD with Ritek DVD-R’s.
I apologise for the repeated query, but I thought the lack of reponse may have been due to posting it in the incorrrect forum.
Thanks again.

anilpatel1975 -

Ritek DVD-R’s is another poor choice of blank DVD Media. Ritek DVD-R’s Media is noted for reflective and degradation problems. While conducting troubling shooting it is suggested to only use blank Media that is proven high quality Media (Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden).

If you provide the requested information asked in my #2 posting possibly Forum Members could identify the possible problematic areas and make meaningful suggestions to correct your problem.