How to copy files to CD Win.98?

How to copy files to CD Win.98?

Just installed an old Sony CD-RW CRX215E5 in computer running Win.98SE.

What software do I need to install to be able to copy files to CD?

The simpler the better, I will probably not use this to copy music if that makes any difference.

Hi you have a lot of choice out there, free and paid
To have an idea you can look here:

Notice - I just got the link but I don’t know it at all nor I know the way it works, so please take care about malware of infections - this doesn’t mean that you run the specific danger or not.

You can only BURN something to a CD, so use a proper burning app like cdburnerxp.

There are two big software providers. One is NERO the other ROXIO. They both will allow you to burn anything you want. They also have an application called InCD where you can format CD and use it as a floppy to drag files in.
One free app. is ImgBurn.


Their recent products don’t support Win98/ME any more, and they stopped selling their older versions, that did. is a good, free alternative, that still works on Windows 98.


nero 6x and lower, roxio EZCD plat 5 and lower…imgburn, and several other freewares all support win98se…Im using nero6 on this 98se machine as we speak…:slight_smile:

Roxio ECDC 6 is still good for 98/ME as well. Best one they ever did. Creator Classic and Disc Copier (the only parts I installed) even work in Vista x86.

Another option is Roxio WinOnCD 6 (search for the thread in the Bargain Basement to get a free copy).

I can not successively download

It said something about needing Media Player 9 so I was able to download that OK.

Still can not down load cdburnerxp and install it.

All I want to do is down load drivers and files to CD no music nothing else.