How to copy episodes onto 1 DVD-R


I am wanting to copy multiple episodes of series (24 starring Keiefer Sutherland) onto 1 DVD-R.

Can someone tell me if it is possible using DVD-Decrypter and DVD2ONE.

I don’t think I can work out the other editing programs (IFO Edit and such). I just want to know if there is a way I can do it simply using DVD Decrypter and DVD2ONE.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

ozgal :confused:

I am assuming that you mean you want to put episodes from two separate dvd’s,use the same method for joining a two sided dvd to a single dvd-r. a guide for this method is easily found on this forum by using the search function.


Thanks for your help. I’m not sure how many episodes will fit onto one disc. I have two discs at the moment, (so two episodes of the show “24” starring Keifer Sutherland). Maybe even more than 2 episodes will fit on one disc as when they are aired on TV they go for one hour including commercials. Take out the commercials and maybe 3 or 4 eps will fit on one disc.

Back to my original question of how to do this, I know I can search for this through the forums, but I do not know how to use IFO Edit or other programs, so am hoping someone who has put multi eps onto one disc could give a quick description just using DVD Decrypter and DVD2One.

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You may as well just bite the bullet and use Vob and IFO edit.

Their a very straight forward guide at the link below with pictures to guide you the way along so you shouldnt have any trouble if you take the time to read it and follow it carefully.

Compete Idiots GuideTo Episode DVD’s With DVD2One

Thanks Rocky,

I will need to read this a few times I think!

Thanks so much.


this worked for me.