How to copy encarta worldatlas 2000?



Does someone know how i can backup my encarta worldatlas 2000 (nl) ??
It has a safedisc copy protection on cd 1… is there are crack for it ? When i copy it with cdrwin with error ignore or replace he will burn ok… but when i read the cd there’s no file on the disc.
A have a yamaha crw 6416


This means you can copy it using cdrwin, but your using a cracked copy of cdrwin :slight_smile:
Some cracks/serials seem to work, but when you burn back an image, there’s nothing on the disc…
Register your copy or find a working crack/keygen :slight_smile:


There is a crackfile available which works for all versions.
If you send me an email, I’ll mail you the crackfile.