How to copy Empire Dawn of the modern World

Hi, i’ve recently bought that ^ game and its alredy starting to scratch. so i thought id back it up (like i do with most games)

I tried nero, CloneCD adn Alchol 120 (all latest versions) but no look. i found out that it has SafeDisc 3.10.20 and that only the play CD is protected.

I read in to SafeDsic3 and found it works on nearly all windows so i thought i would try to copy the CD in linux. (i got teh software etc but have no idea how to install it - in new to linux)

so basically im stuck, if any one could help please do so


Tony Williams


SafeDisc 3.1 is very hardware dependant and software dependant, please state which CD-RW unit you have.

I would use Alcohol 120% for the job, CloneCD seems to choke on SD3.x .

I look forward to hearing from you again :smiley: .