How to copy EA Based Games Using Alcohol 120

This copying method works on EA Based Games such “the sims”, "Medal of honor
And Need For Speed Underground and much more EA games that have
copying problems when you use a basic CD-Burning Program such as Nero.

First insert the disk you wish to copy and wait for load screen to apprear,
If it does quit it, or if it doesnt dont worry about it.

Then install alcohol 120 If you havnt done so yet,

Open alcohol 120

Once it has loaded, Go to “File” Then “Options…”

Once in the options menu look for a option called “Data type setting”
and select it

This shows the type of disk data types you can choose from,

Go to the “Disk Type” drop down menu, scroll down
and select “SafeDisk 2/3”

Once have done that look for another tab "just near the drop downlist
called “Recording Options” and make sure the “Bypass Emf Error” option
Is selected.

Then Click “OK”

Once your back at the main screen choose the “Image Making Wizard”

Once in the “Image Making Wizard” choose the correct cd-drive that
contains the cd you want to copy such as
"(D:) HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4167B(1:0)

Then go near the bottom of the "Image Making Wizard window and make
sure that the data type is still set to “SafeDisk 2/3”

Then Click Next

The next screen comes up with “Select Destination Directory”
A preset location is already made so leave it as it is and click next

(The Location is usally set under your “my documents” folder under another
folder called “Alcohol 120%”)

Once you have clicked next it should start copying the disk,

But when it is copying you will notice that the log window says
“Read data examination error at…” for a few minutes,
Just ignore it, it should stop doing that after a while,
and then copy like it normally would.

Once it has completed the image it will come up that the image was
completed successfully and eject the disk.

This has so far giv’in you the image of the CD.

When you go back to the Alcohol 120 main screen the image should appear
on the right top hand window, saying the cd’s name, size and some other
details about the CD, Make sure this is selected by cliking the file
just once

Go to the left hand side of the window and choose “Image Burning Wizard”

Once in there the image should already be selected by default, Then you
click “Next”

After you have clicked next it should come up with what CD Drive you wish
to use to burn the image on a CD, once you have selected your correct
CD Drive
"Also make sure that the drop down list called “Disk Data Type”
Or simular near the bottom of the window is also still saying
“SafeDisk 2/3” If not Reselect It from the drop down list.

Once all that is done insert a empty CD into the selected CD Drive and close it, and click

It should start buring the image perfectly, :slight_smile:

Once it has reached 100% it should also say “Buring was successful” and
eject the disk,

Close Alcohol 120,

Put the new disk back in the CD Drive that has just been burnt and let it load.

And Thats It!

You should have a perfect copy of the selected game that you choose!

Please let me know if this works for you,
It has for me with several games such as the sims, need for speed
underground and other EA Based Games, This should also work on other games that involve the same type of disk

Any questions or comments please feel free to email me or add me to your msn at

Has anyone on here tried my method of copying yet?

Let me know if you’d like this thread transferred to the CD & DVD Copy Protection forum… you may get more interest there.

Thanks. This was very helpful :slight_smile:

Yeah thanks the “Disc Read Error At…” thing really threw me off…I thought i couldnt write the image. THANKS!

hi i’m trying to backup the sims 2 holiday edition with alcohol 120% and keep getting disc red error and numbers afrter that i have used a ray scanner and came up withsafe disc 2/3 can anybody help

The disc read errors are normal on SafeDisc 2 games. Just keep on going and then burn.

thanks for ur help it was great 100% happy with it

got a question.

how long is the “Disc read error” going to go on for?