How to Copy DVD Label?

Hi all,

I’ve been using this CD stomper software to print my DVD labels.
I download the photo of the movie cover, and drag it to the template of the program I use:
“Surething CD Labeler”

My question is:

How do I get an exact copy of the decal that’s actually on the disc itself?

Thanks in advance

have you tried

FYI, I regret ever putting printed labels on my DVD’s. They are hell to get off when you find they cause playback issues.

BJ, thanks man, appreciate it, that’s exactly what I was looking for.
Rack, I have heard that “stcik on” covers can get stuck on your DVD player if they become unglued or whatever.
I’m going to use up my current supply, and then I will stick to the new "printable media, and the Epson 300 printer, print them right on the disc.

Thanks again, very helpful.