How to copy DVD Data disk

Hello All,

I am a neebie to the site and alologise if I should have found this myself.

But I want to copy a DVD data disk, without sucess so far.

There seems to be lots of info on movie copying and CD copying

with and without protection

Any hints for me ?



its probably copy protected , what game/software exactly is it? cant really help without knowin

I use nero and recordnow for doing data to dvd disc. I make them like I would if it was a regular cd-r disc. Never had a problem with it.

heres a guide for dvd/dvd copying with nero express
but considering this thread is on the copy protection forum i tend to think its a protected dvd

Mate just use nero smart start, i mean it doesnt get any easier!

actually its a SAT NAV disk

An I think its Copy Protected too

Is there anything like ClonyXL for DVDs



i guess “NAV” stands for norton antivirus but whats “SAT” stands for i have no clue , anyway just because you didnt succeed it doesnt have to mean its copy protected, if the burning process was successful and the dvd didnt work then its most likely protected however if the burning process wasnt successful and the burning failed there could be other reasons,also how did you try to copy it exactly? did you copy the dvd contents to your hard drive and then burned it or did a dvd to dvd copy directly or directly with copy to hard drive before burning option

if you copied the dvd contents to your hard drive and then burned it then it may be a volume label issue many softwares/games wouldnt install/run with a diffrent volume label , if the burning process failed there could be other reasons besides copy protection if you used nero to get it done then open the nero burning log and copy & paste the latest but dont include nero’s serial C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\NeroHistory.log also run nero infotool click the floppy icon and click save open the saved file and copy & paste

edit regarding the protection scanner try this one

For SAT - I would read Satellite for NAV I would read Navigation.

I have heard a lot of people having problems backing up these discs. To make the problem worse, if it is in a car, the DVD reader is not always the most forgiving in reading the disc.