How to copy double-sided DVD to single DVD?

I want to back up a double-sided DVD (Amadeus, 1985, 160 minutes) since the original is becoming scratched. The original requires that the DVD be flipped midway thru the movie to see the remainder of the movie. There are no menus, only the movie itself.

I already have DVD Shrink, AnyDVD, etc., and can burn single or double-layer DVDs. Normally, I rip a DVD to hard disk then use other software to burn from hard disk to the DVD.

How can I combine the ripped contents of both sides so that it fits on a single DVD, probably double-layer? I am able to rip each side separately, but don’t know how to make the two rips be burned as a single unit on a DVD!

I found a tutorial here, by forum member signals :bow:…it uses DVDFab Platinum though.

If it’s just the one disc you want to do, you could download the trial version of Fab Plat. and give it a go (unless others can advise you how to do it with your current software). :slight_smile:


you can use DVDShrink in reauthor mode to join the flipper if you are not concerned with keeping the menu.

Rip each side of the dvd to your hard drive. Once you are done ripping open up shrink and select reauthor. navigate to side A and select the main movie.
Now navigate to side (B) and drag over the main movie for side B making sure that it is second in line on the title screen. Your now good to go.

Don’t use this if you are going to use a DL disc. Shrink is not capable of selecting a layer break. If you are using a DL and still want to join the flipper
do all of the above except when Shrink asks you to back it up select save to hard disk and then use ImgBurn in build mode for your burn.

You will notice a slight pause during playback when your DVD player ends title one and starts title two :wink:

Handy info (I had no idea 'cos I don’t have any flipper discs), I’ll have to remember that! :flower:

I didn’t know there were dvds with half a movie on both sides, I know there ones with fullscreen on one side and widescreen on the other, and ones with the movie on one side and special features on the other. New to me. :bigsmile: