How to copy documentaries on DVD?

Hi there! I’m retired, and new to computers - about 13 months new! - I have Nero and I want to copy some DVDs that are copy protected.

I was given a CD with a programme called alcohol 120% but it asks for a code number when it is inserted and I do not have that code.

Will the Nero programme copy the protected DVDs, or will I have to use a different programme?

If I need a different programme, is it available free, or would it have to be paid for?

These are probably obvious questions to most, but not for me!

Hope there is a sensible answer that is not too complicated!



Welcome colinito,

first of all the Alcohol version you needs to be activated via a key which you have to buy at the one who gave you the CD probably missed that :cop:
So to create a copy of your protected DVDs nero won’t do the job. What kind of DVDs you’re trying to copy Movie, Game, Software, etc… and what are the titles of the discs?

Not retired & two years on computers. RipIt4Me to rip the Dvd to your hard drive, with this you will need Dvd Decrypter Dvd Shrink to get rid of any stuff that you don’t need, for example if you only want the movie plus 5.1 audio & to compress to make it fit on a single layer Dvd blank also to create an ISO file. ImgBurn to burn that ISO file on to a single layer Dvd blank. All free & can be found by googling. Now if you are going to put the full Dvd on to a Dual Layer blank disc, then RipIt4Me ISO rip which will create 2 files, ISO & MDS. You would choose the MDS file to burn with ImgBurn in ISO Write Mode. An alternative that is also free to the first program if it ever becomes obselete is DvdFab HD Decrypter. I would also suggest updating your Nero but do not install InCD.

Welcome to cdfreaks.
The software you are using to backup your dvds is very good but cannot copy commercial protected disc’s by itself.
There are a number of very good programs out there to buy that make it very easy.
But never fear there are also some very good free one’s.
Start with dvd decrypter, shrink and ripit4me oh and imageburn.
If you do a search on this board or with google you will find the software to download.
Do some selective reading and you’ll find it a breeze, Ripit4me has a one click mode that is just sooo easy. I have recently backed up Miss Potter and others this last month without any problems.

edit Hell two quick gunslingers have beaten me to it. :smiley:

Many thanks for your reply. Also for your welcome. The DVDs are in a set and although not in any way offensive - I would rather not discuss the titles as the content is a debatable subject! They are documentaries. Reading through the replies from Beef barley and wee Dougie, I have some info to play with and will have a look at them.

Beef barley,
Many thanks for your answer. As I have only just started with this recording ‘business’ I am not sure of the names. My DVD hardware on my computer is :-
Your reference to a Decrypter does not mean much to me I am sorry to say! Also single layer blanks and dual layers and iso files. I have DVD re writable discs but if I want to record the DVD onto an ordinary DVD that is not rewritable, I would need to know what I am doing!!
I have taken a note of all you have written and will search for them and an explanation how they are used - I thank you for taking the trouble to answer my questions



Thank you for your reply and also for your welcome,
You will see from my answers to both Kalas and beef barley, that I have taken note of their words and will search out the details of the items mentioned and how they are used.
Thanks for the trouble, - sorry you were beaten to the post! (as they say!!)

Here is a good site for you to browse:


Guides, just plug in what you want to do, for example, Text Search: RipIt4Me:

You’re welcome Colinito. So we’re talking about movie DVDs and as you can see by beef barley’s and weedougie’s posts there are many ways and softwares creating a copy. Alcohol and Nero both won’t do the job if the discs are protected which is mostly the case with original movie DVDs straight from the shop. I’ll move your thread to the Copy DVD Movie where you’ll get much help as it’s the part of our forum dealing with your problem. You can also gather information there how to backup you discs using different software (free and non-free ) and also take a look at beef barley’s links which are very helpful.

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