How to copy disk with bad sectors fast




I have got a problem with several slightly scratched dvds. They all play fine in a dvd-player, but they do not work in two pc dvd-burners I have tested.

I use AnyDVD, so I do not think it is an copy protection issue. Is there a way to copy such dvds in a reasonable amount of time?

I have tried AnyDVD and CloneCD, as well as DVDFab and DVD-Decrypter. I stopped CloneCD after it took me 2 hours only to read 3 percent of the disk (56-58%).

Why can my DVD-Player play the DVD without any problems, while my Burner cannot? Is there not any software available which lets my Burner read the disk at a reasonable speed, ignoring all errors it encounters instead of slowing down the drive to a single digit kb/s transfer rate? Apparently, this is how the player does the job.


Welcome to cdf. Doesn’t work that way. Apples and Oranges. Players have a built-in fault tolerance. Rippers need every bit and byte of data on the DVD or your backups will freeze up and not play or have choppy, garbled pixellation. Virtually no software available to the consumer will rip a disk that is scratched and give you an acceptable backup.

Follow this link. Read and then follow the sublinks on the resulting posts.



i second what whisperer said.

even if you find a program that WILL rip the disc, it will not be quick. definitely check out the link he posted!