How to copy copy-protected movie?



i want to backup my dvd which has many scratches on it and i want to make a copy of it. But when i try to, it says the dvd is copy-protected. Is there a software i can use to remove this copy-protected?


I use AnyDVD but there are more programs to try before you buy.


What’s the title of the DVD is it a movie/software/game?


If you want to remove DRM
Try this software


it is a dvd i bought from another country.


We already know it’s a DVD… Is it a [B]movie/software/game[/B] DVD?



Unless someone edited the title of his thread before I saw it, it says "how to copy-copy protected [B]MOVIE[/B]


To remove copy protection to backup a DVD Movie, you will need a software program to do that. I personally like ANYDVD…but there are many to choose from, some of them are even free.


Oh… I see I must have missed that :stuck_out_tongue:

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