How to copy copies

can anybody please tell me why i cannot copy an already backed up version of an original dvd i have liteon 401 . my standalone has no problems playing copies but my pc wont play them nor copy what i have just burned onto a dvd. hope this makes sense

would bitsetting able me to copy copies?

If you are using DVDXCopy it puts protection back onto the disc to keep you from making more then one backup.
Since you own the original they are pretty much saying you only need one backup at a time.
Actually I’m pretty sure that legally you are only allowed to have one backup copy.

Unless of course it’s non copyrighted material.
In which case you could try making a copy with DVDShrink and see if that works.

Veritas RecordNow will copy your DVD-X-Copy discs…works fine for me.

you could also try image in nero I have copied dvdx that way.