How to copy command & conquer generals

hi everyone i am an extreme newbie to all this.
I have got command & conquer generals and i basically want to copy it and be able to play off the copy. i have no idea about all this safe disc stuff and so can someone please tell me what software i need and any procedures to follow would be great. thanku for ur time!

First of all - do not use a thread subject like the one you have used … it is too general and other members want to know what the thread is gonna be before reading it (it will be changed to something more specific).

As to your problem, i do suggest a simple search on “command conquer generals” that will probably get you the help you need quicker.

You can get started with this one

Hi !

I want share my little experience with you concerning “How copy Command & Conquer Generals” CDs.

Well I was a lot frustated in last time cause I try a lot of copy program to try have one copy who work of Generals.

I try CloneCD (version and not just one time. I try with different kind of parameter but even if I can copy CDs of Generals NEVER they work.

I try too Blind Write (v 4.06.56), Nero-Burning Rom but don’t work too.

So I feel desesperate and more when I see guy who can have work copy with CloneCD. So I say why not work with me ? :frowning:

I buy even a new burner but don’t work with these copy program.

And a day I read one guy who try Alcohol 120%.

Man I say must not work cause this name of the program is like not really serious.

BIG mistake from me man !!!
Kick my butts ! :slight_smile:

It’s work man !!!

Now I can not only have a copy of my (buy) CDs of Generals but also I can have work copy of my (buy) CDs of Renegade.

(Just I don’t like use original CDs).

I use a small program (ClonyXXL -version to know what kind of protection Generals and Renegade have.

I use too another small program - Profiler version 1.1 to have “Profile” for Clone CD.

But like you know I can’t have work copy with CloneCD.

So I use just information I received from ClonyXXL (information from Profiler was just good to CloneCD so I forget it). Here what I received:

Command & Conquer Renegade:
Disc 1- Safedisc v2.51
Disc 2- Safedisc v2.51

Command & Conquer Generals:
Disc 1- Safedisc v2.8
Disc 2- Dummyfiles

So I use Trial version of Alcohol 120% I find on internet
( with
Datatype: SafeDisc2 for all these four (4) CDs.

And all work good for me.

YES !!!

My burner is :
LG Electronics Inc.
CD-/R/RW Drive
Model: GCE-8520B

But I think all recent burner (last 2 years probably) can work.

I hope you will find that useful.

Have nice day !!!

Just to add to this thread. I backed up Generals with CloneCD on my LTR-52246S using a profile posted here. It installed from the backup, but I am unable to play from it. I will try the alcohol method I suppose…