How to copy both sides of a disc using 1 blank

Hi, I was backing up an Outer Limits disc. There were 4 episodes on side A & 2 episodes on side B. This required 2 blanks. Is there a way to use Clone2 to fit all the eps. on 1 disc? I know X Copy did it and I know the PQ was not as good. Thanks. :cool:

If you rip both sides of the dvd to your hard disk in file mode - into separate folders, and then use DVDShrink in re-author mode, I believe you can select all the episodes from the folders to combine & shrink into a new directory that you can then burn from.

Woudln’t you be better keeping them on different discs? How long is each episode? I am just wondering if you will loose too much quality.

The quality does suffer somewhat. I was just curious about if Clone has the ability to compress both sides at once. :cool:

I am sure Olli has posted on this before, if I remember rightly, it is not a thing that CloneDVD2 is geared up to do - but he was looking at the possibility for later versions (although I may have just made all that up - memory is not what is used to be!! :confused: )

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