How to copy bluray to hdd player

I have a sony bluray player and a philips hdd player.

I am trying to record the bluray movies to the hdd player and always get a never copy remark. Anyway to record to hdd player. The bluray movies are all original bluray disc.

I know you would be wondering why would I want to do it. Well just to make it easier cause the hdd player has 1 tera space and can record in hdd so why not.

Please help


It is possible to make a backup copy of your blu ray disks, but not in the manner you are trying right now. In order to break encryption of the blu ray movies you’ll need a blu ray drive in a computer and AnyDVD HD. This combination will allow you to put the movie on the hard drive of your computer, but not your Philips HDD player, at least not directly.