How to copy Blade3?



I can`t copy it.Please help me.


Godt damn your Uncle-fucker.

Don’t copy it BUY it…

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El Zavi0r or Butt Face

How do you know Svela doesn’t already own it and is just making a backup copy? Oh, you’re the “Great Carnac.”" Now, I see. Lighten up pecker head…



Have you tried using CDRWin? You can download a trial copy from It only copies at 1X speed until you register it; but, it’s worth a try to see if it works for you. Just install it and choose the “Backup” disk option. It should work. Good Luck…


Just Backed up my copy of Blade 4 not sure if it is protected the same way as #3 but i used CDClone and it workes fine, only disc #1 showed any problems a took me nearly 2 hours to get the image file the other discs were done in less than 20 mins each from image to finished disc.
Note for EL Zavi0r:- ths object of the forum is to pass along information or give help to those who don´t know, Not to sit on the fence and sprout none helpfull and useless comments, try the news groups if thats your thing there is plenty of ppl like you on them…

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I´m sorry.

But I just can’t see a reason to make a backup of Blade.
handle your cd’s with care!!