How to copy Battlefield Vietnam (Detail please)

Ok how should I copy BF Vietnam?
I have Liteon 811S and Plextor Premium… I own the game all 3 cd’s I just want to make a backup for my play use and set the originals someplace safe (like on a heater).

Ok which drive should I use?
And which program?
Alc 120% or Blindwrite?
If I use Alc then what settings should I use and the same goes for Blindwrite?
Where is the higher probablity of actually makeing a working copy?

Thank You soo much

Have you had a thourough read of this? Basically, the best program for Battlefield Vietnam (SafeDisc 2.9)is Alcohol 120% with the SafeDisc profile, reading at max and writing at 4x. Probably the best drive would be your LiteON.

which sd profile u talkin about, sd or sd2?


Nope, according to my sources, your DVD drive is a SafeDisc 2 killer, so the best profile is the SafeDisc profile.

am i the only guy who cant make a proper copy of Battlefield Vietnam? I have a Safedisc Killer burner and used Alcohol 120%, DiscDump w/ Firebuner and still not a working copy. I have carefully followed the directions and still no sucess. What am i doing wrong?

Originally posted by LuNaTiK
What am i doing wrong?

Are you attempting to play the back-up copy from a writer? You’ll need an atip hiding utility (alcohol’s Ignore media type or CloneCD’s hide cdr media) if you are.

Yep, i couldnt get mine to load at all. Then i had the A120 icon in my bottom right tray, with “ignore media type” ticked, and now it works flawlessly.

Last week I made a back-up copy of my BFV game on a friend’s computer. I used his Plextor Premium drive with the Alcohol 120% and setting of SD 2/3. The game worked fine on his PC when I tested it out (even using the disc through his Plextor drive to operate the game). But when I used it at home, it kept asking me for the Disc 1, even though the disc was in the drive (albeit, it is a CDRW drive). Why would it work with no problems on his Plextor CDRW without any use of “Ignore Media Type” programs, and not work on my PC at home? Isn’t there a way to get make a good backup without having to use “Ignore Media Type”?

Also, my friend owns a LITEON LTR-52327S (or LTR-52246S, I can’t remember) drive I could use if necessary.

Any help would be great. Thank you!

I have made a BFV copy, it works ace.
What i done is copy CD1&3 using BW5, and put autoplay.exe (BW emulation) on cd2.

works fine if u install the autoplay

im pretty clueless to all of this, but i got a copy of vietnam and have wasted 7 cd’s so far trying to burn this game. I tried using BW but it didn’t work. I installed autoplay but it didnt do anything noticeable. I still get the same error.

merther02 what do you mean copy autoplay.exe (BW emulation)…

CD 1 & CD 3 are ok… With BlindWrite 5

I have a problem with the second disc… What can i do…?

I just bought a liteon ldw-851s dvd burner because my old liteon 48x cd-rw would install the game but when it came to playing it i would get “cannot find cdrom put cd in and retry”…so i go to install game with dvd rom (with newest firmware) and i get threw first disc fine but when i put in the second it throws an error and says put the first disc back in, so i put first disc back in and nothing just stays at 48%…this is an original store bought copy of vietnam, ive also tried mounting image with deamon, this really sucks i just spent 40 bucks on a off the shelf coaster…is there something im doing wrong guys???

I’m interested in knowing what you mean by “autoplay.exe” exactly.

Has anyone been able to backup their discs (especially disc 1) in a 1:1 format?

Like I said, I have a Plextor Premium drive and a Lite-On LTR-52327S at my disposal.

All help is appreciated.

Are you installing from a copy or retail?

I dont think any protection prevents you from installing the game at the moment.

yes its retail i paid for it

yes, i made two perfect bakups… CD 1 and cd 2…

I was not able to do the same with cd 2…

I can’t make a 1:1, I used Gamejack and still couldn’t do it.

Ok what you do is…

1.Copy CD 1&3 using BW5.

2.Use any type of cd copying software,Nero6 will do select the drive that cd2 is in, then drag the files from the cd onto that. Then place autoplay.exe (from VSO) onto it as well. Then select burn compliation.


No, i thought you stole it :bigsmile:

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It should work on the 2nd cd for a backup. Try CloneCD,BW5 and Alcohol 120%.