How To Copy Battlefield 2 onto 2nd pc

I have just registered so i apologise if this is already common knowledge but i just sussed this problem out an hour ago.
I wanted to install my newly bought copy(dvd) bf2 on a mates pc and of course being a newb to this i didnt know it wouldnt work!
But this is what DID WORK.

On the second pc:-
Install the game as normal from the original disc.
Then install alcohol 120%(for free), run the create image utility with the original dvd in the drive,you have 2 files converted to the chosen destination(1 a larger mdf,and a very small mds file)
Next install the free Daemon tools utilty and use the find image function(search in the new file location),it will show the larger mdf file if all is correct,add or ‘mount’ this file and it will create a virtual drive with which it can be launched from(it will appear as a 2nd dvd drive in your computer)
Now your done,just remove your dvd and launch the game from the usual desktop icon and voila! game plays with NO DISC NEEDED!

ENJOY :stuck_out_tongue:

for this to work do you need the original dvd in the drive everytime? i have bought this game but want it installed on both the computers. also if it needs to be in the drive everytime then it is pointless making a backup!

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this game to work as a backup yet? also how do these cracked servers work? as i have already registerd the original i will need to use a diff cd key to play on network and online.
any help appreciated.

This is the best game released this year and is easily worth the 30 quid or what ever they are asking, BUY THIS GAME!

I would check to see if the EULA allows installation on more than 1 pc. If it does not, this question is in violation of forum rules.

Is it really not allowed to install on more than one computer? what if you uninstall it from one and install it on the other…?? god i never knew this! what a crap rule, when you buy a game you would think that if you want to you can install it anywhere and throw it of a bridge if you want to! hell you bought it! its yours! i better go an unistall all the games from the comp upstairs!

OH taxman, for the record aswell all respect intended an all but just cos someone is new to your site doesnt make them a newbie just because some one isnt in to the cd copying game doesnt make them computer illiterate! and for yours and everyone elses information i spent 8 hours! yes 8 hours readiong different posts in different forums and i couldnt find the solution.

Where did I say you were…I merely said that you have to check the EULA (I might have done so myself, but I don’t have that particular EULA (End User License).

When you buy software, you buy a license to use it for as long as the license is valid. The conditions of use are defined in the EULA. Some companies will allow you to install it on more than 1 PC at the same time (believe MS is doing so for several programs), but generally the license only permits installation on 1 PC at the same time. You may deinstall it from one PC and then install it on another PC, as long as they are not installed simultaneously. There are other scenarios possible as well.

As you can see, multipe options possible, for that reason I referred to the EULA…

According to the EULA, You can only install on another one of your computers that you will not be using at the same time. You are certainly not allowed to install it on your mates computer so he can have a free copy.

Taxman, Sorry mate its your signature! thought it was directed at me for writing the post! didnt realise it was a signature till you wrote a new post!
My bad! :iagree:

Figured it was my signature…have that one for a very long time already…ever since I made it to admin several years ago…no worries, goo to know it’s cleared up now.

Hope your question is answered, that is, after all, what matters.

Hey fools who want to copy battlefield 2 onto a disc… u better praise me :bow: i made it happen

u must first use UltraIso and copy it into an Iso file so that when u use Alchol 120% (can download for free) , Alchol with then be albe to read the Iso. then using the step by step image burning wizard u can make ur disc…happy?

Er no that won’t work 'cos it won’t preserve the copy protection. Also yes can download the trial Alcohol 120%, but after the 30 day you must pay for it.


fools here = very few
praise you = probably never
And why use two seperate programs when one (BlindWrite5 / Alcohol 120 or CloneCD) will do the job.

First off the very first post doesn’t work. I did all of this and when I run it, it says that there is an error with bf2.exe so it was an entire waste.

"Hey fools who want to copy battlefield 2 onto a disc… u better praise me i made it happen

u must first use UltraIso and copy it into an Iso file so that when u use Alchol 120% (can download for free) , Alchol with then be albe to read the Iso. then using the step by step image burning wizard u can make ur disc…happy?"

What quoted above is stupid… it’s not about just making a second copy. I have a copy made and it installs fine and seems like it will work. You go to play it and it doesn’t work. I followed the first post which also doesn’t work. Even if it did work half the people who don’t know what they are doing wouldn’t be able to follow the first post anyways because it’s not specific enough. You need to do an exact step by step process to make it able to do by people who don’t knwo what they are doing.

Someone find another way.

If it’s the DVD version, you might as well go buy a new copy.
If it’s because you mate doesn’t want to pay for it. same as above.
if it’s the CD version, you could try padus disc juggler & follow the link on my signature.

The program will not allow you two to both access the internet multiplayer, and if EA finds out you are trying to play from both computers, they will ban you KEY permanately, and then you will have to buy a 2nd copy

We may be fools but you are a:

Hi all. Ive gotten some pretty good tips on here, so I figured I’d share how I got Battlefield 2 copied very easily with one click software. I used GamesXcopy. It made an exact replica of all 3 discs and worked on every install. It also worked for Doom 3, Call of duty, and Call of duty: United Offensive.

I tried all methods: alcohol, disc juggler, and gamesxcopy - none worked! Gamesxcopy seemed to make the most progress but BF2 still asked me to put disc 1 in the drive.

  • Derek