How To : Copy an unusual DVD?

Hi there peepz,

First of all --> In this thread wil be a number of faults.That’s because i’m from belgium and my english is not 100% ok :slight_smile:

Now my problem :

I’m going to copy/paste my problem.I have mailed it to other yet.

Here it comes :

I’m the owner of a Pioneer GPS Navigation-Module for my car (AVIC 9DVD), and with the package comes
a DVD wich contains all the streets and info about the European roads.

Now i wanted to backup that DVD because it costs 350 Euro (about the same
value in Dollar) new in the store.

I have tried it with the lastest Nero Burning Rom wich support dual layer
discs,but when the dvd is copied my car gps module can not read it.It says :
please insert the apropriate disc.
It has never said that,because when a wrong disc is inserted it says
something different.
So i think there is some sort of copy protection on the dvd,but i dont know
wich one.

I have also tried CloneDVD but that does not support dual layer discs
The same for Alcohol 120% (no dual layer yet)

Do you know any sollution to copy that DVD to a dual layer disc?
I have a NEC 3500 dvd writer.

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perhaps dvddecrypter

Well i have allready created an ISO file with dvd decrypter,but i a litlle bit afraid to burn it.Those dual layer discs are pretty expensive,and i first wanted to know for sure if there is a way to copy that disc and that it will work.

I have done the standard ISO creating with dvd decrypt.Maybe i have to change some settings that you know to make the chance bigger that it will work.

edit Ik zie dat je in Nederland woont :slight_smile: Dan had ik het ook in het NL kunnen zeggen natuurlijk.Maar ik zal het bij het engels houden voor de andere gebruikers :slight_smile:



(clonedvd will not work anyway…because your dvd is not a movie)

you can try to use clonecd (supports dvd also now)

also you can try to use the iso with daemontools…it emulates a dvd drive so you can see if the back up is working with out actually burning it
hmmm won’t work as the dvd only works in your car and won’t run on a pc

did you try a protection scanner on the dvd?

we speak English so that everyone can follow the discussion, but we have a Dutch forum also :iagree:

Do you know where to find the daemontools?

edit I have searched over 1 hour to find a dvd protection scanner,but i did not find one.

I only found cd protection scanners :frowning:

Maybe you know a link where i can find a good scanner for DVD’s

daemontools won’t work …because the disk only runs in your navigation system

here a scanner…think it works with dvd
if it doesn’t say anything…i would try clonecd or decrypter

it is a risk i kniw…perhaps some other people respond

I have just scanned with ClonyXXL and A-Ray Scanner an both of them give this report :

No protection/Or unknown protection

I’ve just burned the ISO from DvdDecrypter.
Did not work :frowning:

But the navigation module did not say : please insert…
The screen just stayed black.

I’m out of options now :frowning: