How to copy an original Dvd?

I have Nero 6, Roxio dvd recorer , sonic dvd video editing , pionere writing system, sonic mydvd, pinical instant write. how would i be able to copy original dvds on to dvdr disks? if i need any special programs could you give me the names plz. thank you . Lucy.

there are many programs to copy dvds to make backups. I personally use Dvdshrink and then burn with nero express

dvd shrink came be found at

dvd shrink is free. It as takes care of making it region free and gets by copy right protections and also decryptes. The new version 3.0 beta 5 does compress automatically.

there are other programs like dvd decrypter out there you can use and it will copy dvd to hard drive and then you can use nero express or nero or copy to to dvd …

dvd decrypter can be found at

but also if you use dvd decrypter as far as I know it doesnt compress anything so you will have to use another program like dvd2one .

that is why I use dvd shrink.

You can also you dvd x copy if you would like but that cost some money but it is one step click to copy and write . That is all up to you



CLONEDVD\ANYDVD is also a good combination for backing up dvd movies.
And if you have problems with this you can always go to the
clonedvd\anydvd section here in this forum
Theres also an exellent tutorial here by MadBob